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  • Matthew Schroeder

    Hello again, everyone. Hope you're doing well.

    In my latest Elder Scrolls Blog, where I talked about the setting's general cosmology and lore, I promised that there would eventually be a follow-up blog, where I would discuss the truly complicated, metaphysical concepts featured in the series. And while it may have took a little while, that day has finally arrived.

    This Blog - and by extension, the endeavor of the Elder Scrolls Revisions as a whole, are easily my biggest and most ambitious project in this Wiki. I spent months immersing myself in the series' lore, reading through dozens of texts, forum threads, listening to hours of rambling podcasts, etc. to get where I am now.

    At first I did this out of a sense of vague curiosity and a desire …

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  • Matthew Schroeder

    Hello everyone. Hope you're doing well.

    Over six months ago I set myself the endeavor of learning the Lore and Cosmology of The Elder Scrolls universe for the purposes of revising its profiles on the Wiki, which were on a truly awful state. On the very same day, I published this blog in its original state, a poorly organized collection of posts copypasted from various blogs and threads on Narutoforums.

    Back then, I was vaguely aware of some of the series' high-leveled concepts and its weirder cosmology, but only on a superficial. I thought that the Elder Scrolls was simply a Mythic High Fantasy setting, and believed that understanding its universe would be a relatively simple task.

    Boy, my past naivety was astounding. I couldn't have been fur…

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  • Matthew Schroeder

    This is a feat that's often tossed around as justification for the durability of baseline Space Marines, but oddly enough has never been properly calculated. So let's fix that, shall we?

    The feat happens in the Horus Heresy Short Story, The Wolf of Ash and Fire, and here it is:

    Horus dragged Ezekyle to his feet.
    ‘Can you fight?’ demanded Horus.
    ‘Aye,’snapped Ezekyle. ‘It’s just a scratch.’
    ‘Your shoulder is broken and the bone shield on your left side is fractured. As is your pelvis.’
    ‘They’d need to break every bone in my body keep me from your side,’said Ezekyle. ‘As it is for you and the Emperor, beloved by all.’
    Horus nodded. To say more would be to shame Ezekyle.
    ‘No force in the galaxy will keep me from his side.’
    As if Ezekyle’s words were a …

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  • Matthew Schroeder

    Tier: Low 2-C

    Name: Ryu

    Origin: Street Fighter (Bootleg Hong Kong Comics)

    Gender: Male

    Age: In His 20s - 30s

    Classification: Human, Martial Artist, Street Fighter

    Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Flight, Can Breathe in Space, Regeneration (High-Mid, Regenerated from his eyeball), Reactive Power Level (Got progressively stronger during his battle with his son, with the fight going from being contained on Earth to universal in scale), Energy Manipulation, Energy Projection, Limited Space-Time Manipulation, Time Travel, Acausality (Accidentally went back in time and caused his universe's Big Bang)

    Attack Potency: Universe level+ (Broke space and time during his fight with his evil son, going back to the Dinosaur Age, then to before…

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  • Matthew Schroeder

    Hey everyone. Hope you're doing alright.

    So I've recently read through some Warhammer 40,000 related discussions on certain other forums and websites that left me quite disappointed, to say the least. They involved the typical pattern of debate which you see in most Warhammer discussions: Downplay through a mixture of incredulity and ignorance.

    They involved Space Marines, whom I did a blog on. More specifically, they discussed the Space Marine Bolter, or Boltgun, their primary weapon. And despite the overabundance of clear, explicit feats that Boltguns possess in Warhammer Lore, they were still quickly dismissed as unimpressive and overrated in those discussions.

    So I've decided to compile as many feats and statements for the Space Marine Bo…

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