Tarmiel creates an ocean, recalc of this


A recalc using some new depth information, same distance. As for the depth, this article said the average is 3682.2 meters

  • Volume: 1.178304e+17 cubic centimeters
  • Mass: 1.2101182e+17 g

Mol is 6.7171768e+15

  • Energy: 6.7171768e+15*285800 = 1.9197691e+21 Joules


  • Ocean creation: 1.9197691e+21 Joules or 458.83 Gigatons of TNT (Large Island level)

This is a better result than the previous one, the scaling would be like that

  • AM Meliodas and characters comparable: 917.66 Gigatons (Large Island level+)
  • The Original Demon and comparables: 1.83532 Teratons (Small Country level)

We don't need to upscale them anymore, and they will have a calced value for the Low 6-B rating

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