One Piece- a giant lifts a huge skull. Im getting the weight for it. Alex helped me out with this, so thanks for that. Told me to use the mountain size from this - 91 meters. For the crocodile like creatures, he told me to use 100 kg, since the minimun weight for a fully grown salt water croc is 200 kg, and we only have their skeletons left. The only size i could personally find for a salt water crocodile skull was that of 33 inches, or 0.8382 meters

inverse square law= (calculated size/irl size)^3 * irl mass = mass of the calculated thing

real crocodile size= 3.5 meters

real crocodile head size= 0.8382 meters

Mountain= 91 meters= 106px 

skull size= 253px= 217.198113208 meters

equation time

(217.198113208/0.8382)^3* 100= 1739903553.94 kg, or 1.73990355394 x 10^9

picture that was pixel scaled= 


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