Here's the feat. I'll be using roughly the same method seen in my last blog, counting syllables and getting speed from that. For this though I can't just rely on a ratio, so I'll need to use the fact the average person speaks 4-5 syllables per second.

This tells me there are 80 syllables between "Where am I?" and "What's that floating thing?" This does not account for the few thousand kilometers they were above the planet, but this is fairly negligible. I'll use the 4 syllable/second figure to partially make up for that.

80/4 = 20 seconds

The distance from Earth to Venus at its closest is 38,000,000 km .

38,000,000 km/20 seconds = 1,900,000,000 m/s


Minako Flies to Venus - 6.34cFTL

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