Another cal from him again :3

Yes, I realize what I'm measuring for the chess piece looking weapon isn't exactly a cylinder all the way through, but I'm only going for an approximation here out of laziness anyway (not to mention how I'm doing it should be low balling the volume of it anyway)

Monster Tail Diameter = 16 pixels

Chess Piece Diameter = 6 pixels

Chess Piece Height = 55 pixels

Explosion Diameter = 86 pixels

Chess Piece Diameter/Monster Tail Diameter = 0.375

Chess Piece Height/Monster Tail Diameter = 3.438

Explosion Diameter/Monster Tail Diameter = 5.375

Monster Tail Diameter = 18.572 meters

Chess Piece Diameter = 6.965 meters

Chess Piece Height = 63.851 meters

Explosion Diameter = 99.825 meters

Surface Area of Sphere

Explosion Surface Area = 125,224.268 m^2

Volume = PIr^2*H

Chess Piece Volume = 2,431.53 m^3

I'll be using steel vaping (the metal actually looks like it'd probably be gold, but I don't feel like getting that value and this works out to be lower end regardless anyway) here so...

60117.42 j/cc

Chess Piece Vaporization Energy = 146,177,310,252,600 joules

Surface Area of Cylinder

Chess Piece Surface Area = 1,473.337 m^2

Explosion Surface Area/Chess Piece Surface Area = 84.994

Royal Straight Flush = 12,424,194,307,609,480 joules or 2.969 megatons

Small city level King Form Blade it'd seem then.

Final Tally

Royal Straight Flush = 2.969 megatons

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