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EDIT: This is NOT my calc btw.

Feat is shown here

Basically, Kanan and Ezra chuck a pair of asteroids at some asshole named Vez because he's cheating in some "Fool's Race" (a race of unknown distance located inside the orbital ring of some unknown planet) of his own designs

You can basically find the entire story on Tumblr here and here

So full context is available for those that want it *shrugs*



Ship Half Width = 173 pixels

Asteroid Diameter 1 = 241 pixels

Asteroid Diameter 2 = 169 pixels

Asteroid Diameter 1/Ship Half Width = 1.393

Asteroid Diameter 2/Ship Half Width = 0.977

Ship Width = 52.4 meters (it's a gauntlet fighter)

Ship Half Width = 26.2 meters

Asteroid Diameter 1 = 36.497 meters

Asteroid Diameter 2 = 25.597 meters

Ovular Sphere Volume = (4/3)PIr1^2r2

r1 = Asteroid Diameter 2/2

r2 = Asteroid Diameter 1/2

Asteroid Volume = 12,520.853 m^3

Asteroid Density = 3,000 kg/m^3 (Check the Projectile Density (in kg/m3) section and select Rock)

Asteroid Mass = 37,562,559 kilograms

Not really sure on what to do with the speed component.

Though I have something of a rough idea

We can tell from the panel the ship and asteroids are traveling at about the same speed, but in exactly opposite directions.

We can also infer, at least from the fact the race is taking place inside the orbiting asteroid field, on top of Hera's ability to maneuver around the asteroids so smoothly that the ships are traveling at some comparable speed to the asteroid's orbit regardless of which direction the asteroids are traveling relative to Hera (same direction, she passes it by. opposite direction, she avoids it without harm. tangential direction, she still avoids it without harm)

I don't really feel like calculating an orbital velocity, especially since I don't even know how far into the orbital ring the race takes place, but I'll do a range of 3,887.4 m/s (about the orbital speed of GPS and absurdly low end given the orbital ring doesn't appear to extend that far above the planet) to 7,777 m/s (ISS orbital speed) for fairly conservative placeholders for now.

KE = 0.5mv^2 = (0.5)(37,562,559)(3887.4^2) = 283,820,418,800,000 joules

Energy to Move Asteroid (Low End) = 283,820,418,800,000 joules or 67.835 kilotons

Energy to Move Asteroid (High End) = 1,135,924,257,000,000 joules or 271.492 kilotons

Right, there were 2 asteroids though, so 135.67 kilotons and 542.984 kilotons respectively combined

Seeing as this is season 1 Ezra though? Who's displayed only tenuous control of his potential power with his minimal training?

This was probably mostly Kanan

I suppose it would make more sense how Kanan isn't outright wrecked by the Grand Inquisitor, someone just shy of Ventress' level of power per word of god, going off a feat like this at any rate

Suppose it further corroborates the general durability of ships this size too *shrugs*

Final Tally

Energy to Move Single Asteroid (Low End) = 67.835 kilotons

Energy to Move Single Asteroid (High End) = 271.492 kilotons

Combined Telekinetic Power (Low End) = 135.67 kilotons

Combined Telekinetic Power (High End) = 542.984 kilotons

Thoughts by Lina

  • It seems that both of the proposed speeds of the meteors would be considered lowballs. This is because the starships, in general, are able to move much, much faster than the speeds proposed in the calc during combat situations (being able to react to blaster bolts is one thing), thus even the high end of the speed would be a lowball in this case.
  • Considering that this was done when Ezra was basically a novice with the force, with very minimal training, It is likely that the majority of this value would be awarded to Kanan. Still at the bare minimum, Kanan's telekinetic power is brought up to Town level at least.
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