The Spring Maiden scales to High 7-C for her storm, but that was done pre-angsize revisions. I know it seems like they may get downgraded for that, but I think the calc itself is higher than what it is. I feel like Kep's calc lowballed the cumulus height. I know cumulus can indeed form at those heights, but it used the absolute highest one when there were plenty of others beneath it. The lowest hanging cloud is right next to the red line and is 89 pixels from the ground. Kep's calc assumed 1000 meters for cumulus clouds so I'll assume the same.

EDIT DMUA and I have been discussing it, and he didn't find a source for where the 1000 meters came from. After showing him a source  that said cumulus can form a mile in the air, he suggested I use that instead.

1 mile = 1609.344 meters

Lowest hanging cumulus = 89 pixels

Mountain = 171 pixels

171 / 89 = 1.92134831x

1.92134831 * 1609.344 = 3092.11037 meters

Panel height and mountain height are exactly the same as Kep's in terms of pixels, so the angsize formula is the same, we just need to add deg to 70.

2atan(tan(70deg/2)*(171/477)) = 0.49187272 rads

0.49187272 rads = 28.1822309 deg

Plugging into the angsize calculator

6200.9 meters

This is our radius for the same reasons as the OG calc. Assuming cloud thickness of 8000 meters. Clouds average at 1.003 kg per cubic meter.

6200.9^2 * pi * 8000 * 1.003 = 9.69282224e11 kg

Storm formed in 15-20 seconds.

0.5 * 9.69282224e11 * (6200.9 / 15)^2 = 8.28222815e16 joules or 19.7950004 megatons

Cinder scales to half which is 9.8975002 megatons. So half Maiden Cinder scales to 7-B, Full Maidens scale to 7-B and Ozpin scales to 7-B+ (79.1800016 megatons)

0.5 * 9.69282224e11 * (6200.9 / 20)^2 = 4.65875333e16 joules or 11.1346877 megatons

Cinder scales to half which is 5.56734385 megatons. So half Maiden Cinder scales to Low 7-B+, Full Maidens scale to 7-B and Ozpin scales to 7-B (44.5387508 megatons)

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