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Picture 1

Diameter of the planet assuming same size as Earth - 117 px or 12,742,000 meters

Picture 2

Distance the rubble was blasted - 438.38 px or 47,742,204.79 meters

Since the explosion was omnidirectional I need to use the radius.

Radius of the explosion - 23,871,102.39 meters

Timeframe - 10:37 - 10:39 or 2 seconds

Speed - 11935551.195 m/s

Mass of the Earth - 5.972e+24 kg

Relativistic Kinetic Energy = 4.259e+38 Joules or 101.79 Ninatons (Dwarf Star level)

Scales to Ultimate Humungousaur, UA Vilgax, and Anodite Form Gwen which is awesome.

Final Tally

Ascalon destroys a planet - 101.79 Ninatons (Dwarf Star level)