The previous Calc was flawed.


It took about 3-6 hours for the Apokolips to get to Earth from Saturn. Apokolips was shown to be the same size as Saturn, and should have the same mass. Saturn has a mass of 568,510,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 kg or 5.683 × 10^26 kg. Saturn's distance from Earth is about 1.2 billion kilometers usually.

KE = 1/2 (M * (V * V))

Low End 6 hours: 8.773302469149841e+41 joules Star level 

High End 3 hours:3.5093209876473027e+42 joules: Large Star level

I used the time frame of 3-6 hours as the planet is shown at Saturn in the morning and it arrives in the morning, also a couple hours worth of events happens during the time in between the planet arrives and leaving from Saturn.

Superman was able to counter and push back the planets KE, and Darkseid is able to draw it to Earth.

Thanks to Antonifer High-End: 1.275*10^12/10800 = 118055555.555 m/s = 0.3938c

  • Mid-End: 1.275*10^12/16200 = 78703703.703 m/s = 0.2625c
  • Low-End: 1.275*10^12/21600 = 59027777.777 m/s = 0.1969c

With speed above 0.1c I'll use relativistic mass, the the KE is:

High-End: [1 - (0.3938c/c)^2]^(-1/2)*4.56*10^27/2*118055555.555^2 = 34.57*10^42 J Mid-End: [1 - (0.2625c/c)^2]^(-1/2)*4.56*10^27/2*78703703.703^2 = 14.636*10^42 J Low-End: [1 - (0.1969c/c)^2]^(-1/2)*4.56*10^27/2*59027777.777^2 = 8.103*10^42 J

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