Orginal Calculation



Credits go to Stefano4444

Feat Description: Wiper uses Reject Dial to create a gaping hole in a giant beanstalk to cause it to tumble and fall.

Apparently the latest Databook has given the official height and length of both Going Merry and Thousand Sunny, which is much lower than the one Stefano4444 got by scaling to Usopp, which change the results of Beanstalk and Upperyard’s size and thus the results of the Reject Dial feat as well.

Here’s the link:

Beanstalk's Wide = 76.9099379 m

Diameter = 76.9099379*(52/175) = 22.8532387 m = 11.4266193m in radius

Height = 76.9099379*(68/175) = 29.8850044 m

Volume = pi*(11.4266193^2)*29.8850044 = 12258.539 m^3 = 12258539000 cm^3

Using NarutoForums method of Pulverization

Pulverization Value = 214.35/2 = 107.175 (given the material the beanstalk was made of was thoroughly puled, but not made of rock, but also fairly dense)

AP= 12258539000 x 107.175 = 1.3138089e+12 Joules or 314.01 Tons to TNT [Multi-City Block level]

Using Wood Pulverization, suggested by Ugarik - check the link to see where Ugarik suggested it. 

Wood Pulverization value = 32.51 - 61.36 j/cc, I'm using the 61.36 (Ugarik suggested this as an alternative)

AP = 12258539000*61.36 = 752183953040 or 179.776279 Tons of TnT [Multi-City Block level]

Final Results

Pulverization (NarutoForums): 314.01 Tons to TNT [Multi-City Block level]

Wood Pulverization (Ugarik): 179.776279 Tons of TnT [Multi-City Block level] [ACCEPTED]

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