​​​​​Enel's first El Thor in series. He fires it and vaporizes a chunk of a tree and a good chunk of the earth.

So this is the first part which will calculate the vaporization of the tree. 

  • Nami's Height = 15 px (Red Line) = 1.69m
  • El Thor Height = 477px (Blue Line) = 54 meters
  • El Thor Width = 274px (Orange Line) = 31meters

The diameter is 31m so 15.5 is the radius.

Volume= Pi*r^2*h= 40736.79 m^3 or 40736790000 cm^3

Vapourization Value for Wood= 1669 j/cc

E= 40736790000 x 1669 = 6.7989703e+13 J or 16.249929015296367 KT (Town Level)

Second Part (With very much assistance from Calaca)


Since the feat not only vaporize through the tree, it also vaporized a good chunk of the earth and a human, only leaving half a crater in its place , so let’s calculate that shall we. 

  • Nami’s Height = 15 px = 1.69m 
  • Crater’s Height = 297px = 33.462m 
  • Crater’s Height = 63 px = 7.098m 

The diameter is 33.462m so 16.731m is the radius.

Volume= Pi*r^2*h= 6238.920355 m^3 or 6238920355 cm^3

Vaporization value = 25700j/cc

E = 6238920355 x 25700 = 1.6034025e+14 J or 38.322239484 KT (Town Level)

However, we must note that the crater is that of a half-cylinder, so the result should be half. 

38.322239484/2= 19.161119742 KT (Town Level)

Together, since this feat was performed at the very same time, when we add both feats together:

E = 16.249929015296367 + 19.161119742 = 35.4110487573 KT (Town Level)

This is Enel’s very first feat in the series and a casual one at that. Then again, all of his El Thor are casual. 

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