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    Big Thanks goes to:


    This method assumed that the air is shaking with as much energy as the ground, but for users of the Gura Gura no Mi (I.e Whitebeard), this method works for them since they are shown to grasp the air as if it was a tangible substance and pull it down harshly, propagating an earthquake and sea quake in the process.

    Credits to Jvando for getting the distance…

    Angular Size: Distance from point of view to object = object size * panel height in pixels/[object height in pixels*2*tan(70deg/2)]

    Distance = 364.036m * 764.00px/[79.00px * 2 * tan(70deg/2)]

    Distance = 278…

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  • KobsterHope07

    After being empowered by the power of 1000 shadows, Moria decided to flex his strength on everybody on Thriller Bark and launches a punch that split the entire island of Thriller Bark in half.

    A tree should be about 26.7 m,that is the average height

    Tree - 56 px = 26.7m

    Fissure width - 110 px = 52.45 m

    Fissure depth - 210 px - 100.13 m

    Now, I will try two different methods to find the result of this feat.

    Deplacement - 52.45/2 = 26.225 m

    Thriller Bark’s Island size (in diameter) - 1680.15 m

    Volume of the split ground - pi*840.075^2*100.13 = 221998586.944 m^3

    Earth density - 2700 kg/m^3

    221998586.944 x 2700 = 599396184749 kg

    Punches last less than 60 ms so I'm gonna use it as timeframe

    Velocity - 26.225/0.06 = 437.08 m/s

    KE = 0.5*599396184749*437.08^2 = …

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  • KobsterHope07

    Zoro lifts a Mountain

    December 30, 2019 by KobsterHope07

    Feat: Zoro, or Zolo for you VIZ readers, hurls half of Pica’s massive body into the air with the force of his swing.

    I will calculate the lifting strength Zoro would need to perform this feat. - Some of the info such as the mass that Zoro lifted as well as the distance the stone body was lifted come from this site

    Mass lifted = 8.6963269e+12kg - 777600000000kg = 7.9187269e+12kg

    1505.24731771m for the height of the leg. (93.3615967577px)

    Distance the mass was lifted (from center) = 54px (870.629444859m)

    Initial velocity - 130.63 m/s

    Momentum - 130.63* 7.9187269e+12 = 1.0344233e+15 Ns

    Force (Assumi…

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  • KobsterHope07

    Blackbeard’s plan has come into full motion and with his crew, had finally managed to kill the Strongest Man in the World, Whitebeard. Through some unknown means, he has managed to steal the power of the deceased pirate himself and proclaims himself as the strongest.

    And so, to test himself, he decides to perform a similar feat that Whitebeard performs earlier but seems to be more chaotic. He decides to flex his new powers to tilt not only Marineford but also the entire sea itself, causing immensely huge tsunamis to be formed everywhere, with his biggest ones being shown in the background. So let’s calculate that…

    From eyeballing the scan itself in the introduction section, the tsunamis in the background has reach similar height to that of t…

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  • KobsterHope07

    Another El Thor

    November 3, 2019 by KobsterHope07

    Another one of Enel’s El Thor. After sensing someone at the edge of the Upper Yard, Enel decides to launch his famous El Thor at that portion of the land

    This is somewhat a recalc of this with the new information of the Going Merry’s size: 

    Going Merry’s Official Sizes:

    Going Merry’s Length = 17 px = 13m

    El Thor’s Width = 53 px = 40.53m

    El Thor Radius = 40.53/2 = 20.27m

    El Thor’s Depth = 21 px = 16.06m

    Volume of Cylinder = Pi*r^2*h = 20719.6629504 m^3 or 20719662950.4 cm^3

    Though we don’t see the aftermatch, given that Enel’s El Thor here, here and here has been shown to each vaporize …

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