ENG calc 3
For those who know Kuzco's quote "Bring it on", it was what he said before falling down a "huge waterfall". Time to calc how much energy that was.

Mass: This will be easy. Median llama mass is 142.882 kg.

Distance: Assuming that Pacha is 6 feet tall. In the first shot we find out that the log is 12.9162 feet long. In the next shot, we compare that to the waterfall to find that the fall was 517.50908 feet = 157.736767584 meters.

Total: 142.882 x 157.736767584 x 9.81=221,095 joules (Total rounded down)/221.095 kilojoules (Wall level)

Mmm...not bad. Still same tier, but almost 9 times average Llama KE.

Application: Llama Kuzco's AP, striking strength, and dura

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