Verse: DBZ Non-Canon.


This is basically for a small project Ever and I are doing. We plan to make a blog for Toeiverse Goku, so here are some interesting feats that scale to him.


The Feats

1. Freeza destroys Planet Vegeta (Done)

2. Namek's destruction (Done)

3. Freeza hurls an island (WIP)

4. Goku moves a planetoid (It's never made clear if Vegeta is hallucinating or if Goku IT'D away when he saw him, so take this one with a grain of salt) (WIP)

The Calcs


This has been calculated before, but we've found something that makes the feat even better.

On Dragon Ball GT, when Baby revives Planet Plant, which basically IS Planet Vegeta with another name, we can see its size compared to the Earth, which looks like Pluto in comparison:

Reborn planet vegeta

  • Earth = 13px = 12472km
  • Planet Vegeta = 130px = 124720km.

This is a little bigger than Saturn, and a little smaller than Jupiter. I already expect ridiculous results.

According to the Planetary Parameter calculator, the mass of Planet Vegeta, taking the 10x gravity into account, would be 5.715E+27kg, which is ~3.5 times above Jupiter's mass.

Good lord.

Now, let's calc Freeza's feat based on this, since using precalculated sizes has been deemed acceptable.


  • Planet Vegeta = 45px = 124720km (reason why I didn't scale the full blast was because it expanded before this)
  • Distance the fragments traveled = 695px = 1926231.11111km

963 115.556 kilometers is the blast radius

The timeframe for it to happen is when it reaches Freeza's face, or about 7 seconds. And don't complain about the fact it still exploded again near the end, because this is actually still a low-end, since the final explosion covered a distance that is almost certainly FTL.

  • 963115.556km / 7 seconds = 137 587 937m/s, or about 0.91788791097c.

Relativistic KE time, boys.

Final result is about 6.446E+43 joules.

This is Large Star level.

Solar-System level Cell when?



The diameter of Namek is 45620.274km according to this calc. Since we deemed using pre-calculated sizes acceptable:


  • Namek = 30px = 45620.274km
  • Minimum distance the fragments traveled = 588px = 896112km.

Timeframe for it to happen, including the blast, is about 3.5 seconds.

  • 896112 / 3.5 seconds = 256032000m/s, or about 0.85403082421c

Mass of Namek would be 7.646E+25kg according to the Planetary Parameters calculator.

Relativistic KE time again.

According to the calculator, the result is 6.322E+42 joules. This is about 1510.99426386 tenatons, which is Large Star level.

This kinda proves the above feat isn't an outlier, since Freeza admitted he completely held back his power when he was blowing up Namek because he was afraid to get caught in the blast.



  • Freeza's head = 216px = 1.53m / 7.5 = 0.204m
  • Rock = 159px = 0.15016m

  • Rock = 2px = 0.15016m
  • Height = 220px = 16.5176m
  • Diameter = 216px = 16.21728m

I'm torn, but I'll use an ellipsoid for this one.

  • V = 4/3 * pi * a * b * c
  • V = 4549.16m^3

Granite has a density of 2700kg/m^3.

  • M = V * D
  • M = 12282732kg.

Class M. Rather disappointing.


Calc 1: For God's Sake, This is Frickin' Ridiculous: 6.44 foe (Large Star level)

Calc 2: Yet Another Ridiculous, but Less So: 1510.99426386 tenatons (Large Star level)

Calc 3: Disappointing Feat: 12282732kg (Class M)