Verse: Bionicle

Both feats were requested by Promestein.

The Feats

1. Pohatu turns Odina Fortress to dust.

2. A large tsunami crashes into (what I assume is) a city.

The Calcs

Feat 1


  • Metru Nui's diameter = 34px = 32.88km
  • Length of Odina = 78px = 75.4305882353km

  • Odina = 512px = 75.4305882353km
  • Diameter = 65px = 9.57614889706km

If I understand correctly, the fortress seems to go over large hills. I'll use the minimum mountain height, which was once 300m in the U.S, for the calculation.

  • Volume of a cone = pi*r^2*h/3
  • Volume = 7.2 x 10^9 m^3.

Fortresses are usually 50 to 80% hollow. I'll use 80% to compensate for the possibly high-end height. The true volume is then 1440000000m^3, or about 1.44e+15 cubic centimeters.

"Crumbling to dust" means pulverization, so:

  • 70831875945119512 * 214.35 = 1.5182813e+19 joules, or 73.2791586998 megatons of TNT.

City level+.

Feat 2

The tsunami is described as a thousand feet high. That is roughly 304.8 meters.

For the length and the width, I'll pixelscale the diameter of the island


  • Diameter of Metru Nui = 34px = 32.88km
  • Diameter of Karzahni = 35px = 33.8470588237km.

I'll assume the tsunami crossed half of the island, or about 16.9235294119km. This will be the low-end length. I'll equalize for width, too.

  • Volume of a rectangular prism = LxWxH
  • Volume = 8.73x10^10 cubic meters.

The density of saltwater is 1029kg/m^3

  • M = V * D
  • M = 8.98317e+13kg

A tsunami initially travels at 900mph, but slows down to 20 to 30mph when it approaches shallow waters. The average speed would then be 25mph, which is 11.176m/s.

KE = 0.5 * M * V^2

KE = 5.61012333457e+15 joules, or about 1.340851657 megatons, or just barely Small City level.

If we were to assume the entire island was covered by the tsunami, the result would be:

Motaran23 (1)

  • Length = 53px = 51.2541176475km
  • Width = 35px = 33.8470588237km
  • Height = 304.8m

So the volume would be 5.29e+11 cubic meters. We plug this in with our density, and we get 5.44341e+14kg.

Now we plug that into the KE formula.

  • KE = 0.5 * 5.44341e+14kg * 11.176m/s^2
  • KE = 33994905429408004 joules, or about 8.124977397 megatons of tnt.

This is baseline City level.


Feat 1: 73.2791586998 megatons of TNT (City level+)

Feat 2: 1.340851657 megatons of TNT (Small City level)

  • Using the entire island: 8.124977397 megatons of tnt (City level)
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