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The Feat

Kakashi intercepts Kakuzu's Lightning Release: False Darkness with his Raikiri.

Why This is Real Lightning

  • Lightning Release techniques behave like real electricity, and are able to conduct through water. As a minor, curious point, Shikamaru was able to fool Kakuzu into electrocuting himself with this very technique by trapping him on a pool of water in the anime. Secondary canon, so just for the sake of a note.
  • The jutsu possesses enough destructive capacity to be considered real lightning. Ignoring the Low 7-C powerscaling altogether, it was implied to be able to level a large portion of a forest and it can plow through solid rock with ease. It also goes hand in hand directly to Kakuzu's Katon: Zukkoku, which wrecked the entire battlefield and destroyed all trees within a city block wide range, easily.

The Calc

Now, some context on the feat.

Kakashi had just been wrecked by Kakuzu's Wind Release, which took place quite a few meters away from Team 8. After Kakuzu released his jutsu, Kakashi ran and covered the distance between Team 8 and the blast in the time it took for the lightning to cover about half of that.


  • Kakuzu = 15px = 1.85m
  • Blast height = 363px = 44.77m
  • Shikamaru's leg = 21px = 0.765m
  • Panel height = 393px

Time to angsize.

  • 2atan(tan(70/2)*(363/393)) = 0.825065384 rad or 47.272764325658 degrees
  • Distance = 51.149m
  • 2atan(tan(70/2)*(21/393)) = 0.0506258722 rad or 2.90064881123588 degrees
  • Distance = 15.108m

So Team 8 and the blast were about 36.041m apart. The problem is, Kakashi was in the epicenter, so this is still too low, since it's the edge of the blast. We aren't aware of the exact radius, but going by this picture, it seems to be as wide as the nearby trees, which Gwynbleidd calculated at 28m. Overall, I'll add 15 meters to avoid any calc stacking or inflation and to go by what's shown. That should give us 51.041m. Add 1.5928m to account for Kakashi's arms, and the distance he moved should be about 52.6338m

Kakuzu's Jiongu constructs are 2.50m tall

Naruto 334 15

  • Construct = 48px = 2.50m
  • Shikamaru's leg = 79px = 0.765m
  • Panel height = 679px
  • 2atan(tan(70/2)*(48/679)) = 0.0669649691 rad, or 3.83681010466349 degrees
  • Distance = 37.319m
  • 2atan(tan(70/2)*(79/679)) = 0.110142898 rad, or 6.3107231987556 degrees
  • Distance = 6.9748m

So, Team 8 and the lightning are 30.3442m apart. Time to wrap up the calc.

  • 30.3442m / 440000m/s = 68.9640909 microseconds
  • V = 52.6338m / 68.9640909 microseconds = 763205.885m/s, or Mach 2225.0900437317786782 (Massively Hypersonic+)

Yet another supporting MHS+ feat. And makes perfect sense with Kirin's Mach 3000 speed, too, since Itachi's clone and Kakashi fought head on.


Part II Kakashi speed: Mach 2225.0900437317786782 (Massively Hypersonic+)

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