Verse: Metroid (Verse)

Requested by DarkDragonMedeus.

The Feat

Description: The kinetic energy of destroying Zebes, a planet with 960 times the Earth's gravity and with a diameter of 11700m.

The Calc

A planet with the parameters mentioned above would have a mass of 4.828E+27kg. That said, this is easy enough.


The planet is destroyed on frame 0635, and its fragments disperse completely to the edge of the screen on frame 0644. In other words, the timeframe is 9 frames. The video runs at 25fps, so the timeframe is 0.36 seconds.


  • Zebes = 73px = 11700m
  • Distance its mass traveled across the screen = 289px = 46319.1780822m.
  • Velocity = (46319.1780822m)/(0.36 seconds) = 128 664.384m/s

Now, for the KE:

  • KE = 0.5x * M * V^2
  • KE = 0.5x 4.828E+27*128664.384m/s^2
  • KE = 3.99626E+37 J joules, or 9.55129063097525 ninatons of TNT.

Since the planet's gravity is 960x that of Earth, we multiply the result by 960^2 to get 8.802 foe.

Large Star level


  • Zebes's KE = 8.802 foe (Large Star level)
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