This calculation was requested by KinkiestSins.

Since this is a rather non-specific and general calculation, it might help with later calcs.

The Feat

The energy required to freeze all of Earth's continents.

The Calculation

This is, rather obviously, a heat capacity calculation. I'll need to find the mass of all the continents in order to progress.

It's easy enough.

The total land area of all of Earth's continents is 148,687,000km^2. In order to find a volume, I just need to multiply it by the average elevation of land in the planet's landmasses, which is 840m.

  • V = 148,687,000^2 * 840
  • V = 1.8570572e+19m³

I'll use the density of granite, which is 2700kg/m³, to get a mid-balled mass.

  • M = 124897080000 * 2700
  • M = 5.0140544e+22kg.

The mean temperature of the world is 16 degrees Celsius.

Snow melts at 0 degrees celsius, so I'll assume the temperature dropped to -4 celsius as a mid-ball. So 16-4, or a change of 20

The heat capacity of granite is 790 joules/Celsius. That, converted to kJ/Kelvins, is 0.79kj/K

  • E = m*c*ΔT
  • E = 5.0140544e+22 * 0.79 * 20

Or about 7.922206e+26 joules, which is 189.345267686 petatons of TNT.

Mid-end Multi-Continent level


Freezing Earth's Landmasses: 189.345267686 petatons of TNT (Multi-Continent level)