Just a little blog to explain a few things about the EBF verse. This blog will mostly cover the abilities of the main characters as well as Akron and Godcat.

General infos

Magic in the Epic Battle Fantasy universe can negate regular durability. This is shown by the Skull Ghosts and the Red Slimes, who are respectively immune to physical damage and immune to magical damage, but they can still be damaged respectively with magical and physical attacks. Which shows that the two durabilities are different.

The ability to harm intangible beings is shown by the players when they harm the Spirits during EBF 2 and EBF 4. Those were first described as "Balls of gas and light" and later, as ghosts. Godcat also shows this ability when the Destroyer hits the whole battlefield with Supernova, which does harm the Spirits if they are present. Akron can do this because he has every power and ability of the EBF 2 players, having absorbed all of them.

All the characters can inflict status effects like Death, Doom (basically Death which takes a few turns) Curse, Weaken and Tired, causing the opponent's stats to drop over time (respectively defence, attack, and stamina). Those are just general status effects, and the players can inflict them using various skills and equipments, Akron inflicts them using his regular attacks and summons and Godcat can do the same. 

All the players can use all the elements as well as non-elemental attacks.

There are also the general RPG status effects, as well as Syphon which prevents magic from being casted and Dispel, which removes all the positive status effects and buffs.

When a resistance to an element is above 100%, not only the character won't take damage from the attack, but will instead absorb it healing itself in the process.

Auto-revive is quite self-explanatory. It's a status effect granted by some skills and equipments, when a character dies, it is revived instantly. As shown by the Spirits, it can bring you back after complete and total destruction (Body+Soul). This is shown by the fact that they are already souls, and they vanish after being killed. Also, we do know for a fact that souls are perfectly visible in the verse, so it means that they were completely destroyed.

Morale prevents the character from being killed with one shot, both trough sheer AP or death hax.

Bless makes the character immune to negative status effects, and also can't be nullified with Dispel.

The Regeneration status effect is self-explanatory. The character heals periodically while the status effect is active.

Berserk is a double-edged sword. It causes the opponents to attack mindlessly, but it also boost their attack (Both magical and physical). All the characters can use this. The players can cause it trough the homonymous skill, Akron and Godcat can use it by casting Hellfire.

Slow Down and Speed Up are Time Manipulation (the players have no real control over it though). Slow Down can slow down the time of an opponent to the point of stopping it, while Speed Up can accelerate one's time to make them faster.


Akron is an ancient god, who was created by Godcat as a "gift" for humanity. Now, Akron doesn't appear a lot during EBF3 (except during his boss fight and at the beginning) but he does have some good feats.

For example, he absorbed almost all the powers of Natalie, Matt and Lance, rendering them powerless in the process , to the point where they became like regular adventurers, scattering their equipments around the continent in the process.

He also "tugged" at their souls, and now you could say that this doesn't really means anything, and i would normally agree. But later in the game, we are told that what Akron does is eating the souls of those who challenge him . Meaning that what he was actually doing was an attempt to rip out their souls to absorb them.

We are also told that his power distorts space and time, turning everything into a "growing void of nothingness".

Later, we are told that Akron can create black holes. And powerful black holes at that.  As a matter of fact, the boss fight takes place a few meters away from the singularity.

Range isn't a problem either. Not only we can see various cataclysms around the world caused by his presence (Such as massive storms , or eruptions able to cover a whole region of the planet ), but he can also suck energy from all of Earth and its inhabitants . As we saw above, to eat "life energy", Akron needs to manipulate the soul as well. Meaning that his soul manipulation is also planetary in scale.

Most of his attacks (and quite a few summons) also have a chance of instantly killing his opponents.

During the battle, his main attacks are Ice , Fire , Wind , Water, Earth and Dark Magic, as well as explosive attacks. But his style heavily rely on summons. Most of those summons are in a similar league as Akron himself power-wise, such as the Cosmic Monoliths or his Rune Claws and they can heal him or boost his powers even further. He also has the ability to quickly change his resistances against elemental damage.

"For billions of years I have lived. I have my memory in the early days of this planet. When Earth was but a rock and fire. -- I witnessed species evolve and head into eternal extinction. I wonder how long man will survive? For aeons I have pondered the meaning of my existence. Alas, I am still unable to find my answer. All things must come to an end. Planets, stars, entire universes, even Gods. Perhaps my destiny is simply to be destroyed. And yet I am immortal. My freedom is my captivity. I shall not die. I delight at your power. -- Perhaps Man does have a future on this planet. We shall see if He is above God himself" Akron's speech during the final battle.

What Akron is implying, is that the death of whole universes is less impressive than the destruction of gods, like himself or a certain godly cat. In spite of that, Akron is finally killed at the end of Epic Battle Fantasy 3, when he dissolves into smoke . But guess who is back during Bullet Heaven 2 ? Meaning that he managed to resurrect himself. Not only that, but he is now so powerful that the whole gang is scared of him. Mind you, those are the same guys who have already battled Godcat's avatars to a standstill and managed to destroy her mechas. Oh, and he also warps the entirety of Saggitarius A* just by being around.



Definitely not the first thing most people would expect when talking about the supreme being of a continuity. Godcat is currently the strongest being known in the Epic Battle Fantasy universe.

"In the beginning, there was a single, divine being. Her name was Godcat. But Godcat was lonely, so she created the heavens and the earth, and all the creatures who inhabit it. She then created cats in her own image, and gave them dominion over the land and over all other creatures.

...For thousands of years, cats ruled the earth. They built great civilizations and had developed advanced technology. But they eventually became too friendly with humans...

Godcat was jealous of this new alliance, of cats and humans. She destroyed all that the cats had built. Godcat's greatest creation was no longer worthy of her image, so she took away their arms and legs, and that's how they have remained to this day.

Godcat then departed this world, and they say she left behind only these three jewels. For generations, humans have protected the jewels and kept them apart from each other, as they feared that Godcat would return if the jewels were ever brought together again."

This is the legend that Anna tells to the others after their first encounter with Godcat's avatars. Paired with Akron's statement of gods>universes, this gives us a solid base for a universal True Godcat.

Her powers can appear less impressive than Akron's, but there is one simple fact to be remembered. Who created Akron? And she doesn't seem to consider it a great effort either. Meaning that every battle against True Godcat is effectively a battle against Akron as well.

Also, just to address the issue of Godcat's reality warping being useless in combat once and for all, not only her avatars, who are nothing but a shadow of hers true power, can do things like creating stars just to bust them in your face, but as stated before, she took away arms and legs from the cats of the world, and those never came back, even after entire generations. Hard to do it with sheer AP.

While her avatars are nothing compared to her, they still have impressive feats, such as absolutely curbstomping the entire party with casuale ease or telekinetically lifting islands jut because they feel like it. And this isn't even the full power of the avatars. At this point in time, they have barely any control over their powers, and have to leave the battlefield after a few minutes. To further prove this, during the final battle, the avatar that embodies destruction states that the power of the players is nothing but a fraction of her own.

The most dangerous of the avatars is undoubtely the Destroyer. Not only she can summon the most troublesome enemies (such as the Undying Monoliths, who inflicts all the status effects in the game, as well as various debuffs) but she also has a tendency to spam Sacrifice. And her version doesn't need her to die either, differently from that of the Players.

The Creator however, is still a force to be reckoned, as not only she has a tendency to summon quite a lot of healer monsters, but she can also inflict the Syphon status and buff her stats immensely.

The avatars are master with all the elements, the Destroyer specialize in Fire, Dark, Poison and Earth attacks, while the Creator is a master of Holy, Thunder, Bomb, Ice, Water and Wind magic.

They also have access to both Speed Up and Slow Down trough their summons, like the Mage Birds.


Epic battle fantasy matt by soranekuro-d78uwca
The main protagonist of the series, being the only character that was playable during every game including the spin-offs, Matt is a fighter that relies mostly on powerful attacks and brute force to put down the opponent quickly, but he has a few hax.

First that comes to mind is the passive Death Manipulation side effect granted by the Life Shaver, which can be boosted further using Unleash. The Rune Blade behaves in a similar way but inflicts Syphon instead, while the Unleash of the Swordbreaker dispel the enemy. The Blood Blade heals Matt with each strike, amping the power of Life Drain to a ridiculous degree. The Chainsaw Blade basically has the same effect as the Life Shaver, with the added effect of casting Sawblade, which ignores the defence buffs of the enemy and has a chance to inflict Death. Last but not least, comes what is arguably Matt's most powerful sword, Equilibrium, which casts auto-revive on him randomly, syphon enemies with normal attacks, and has both effects granted when using Unleash.

Screamer and Fright are Fear Inducement that causes the target to be so scared that it lowers its guard (showed in-game by lowering magical defence).

One of Matt's most interesting skills is the Giga Drill, which not only ignore defensive buffs, but grows stronger if the enemy's defenses are amped, tearing trough defensive statistical amplification, physical and magical barriers alike. His limit break Annihilate has the highest chance to inflict Death in the whole game, and it can even be raised by equipping one of the Death-themed swords.

As soon as Brawl Royale, Matt was able to casually speedblitz supercomputersthat had already scanned him, as well as destroying planetswith energy in the ninatons range. This speed was later backed by his ability to effortlessly escape black holes, or travelling to Saggitarius A* in roughly 22 minutes.


Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Artwork 3

The mage of the group and the second most important character in the series, Natalie has been Matt's companion even before the events of EBF. Don't be fooled by her cute appearance, this girl is probably the strongest member of the entire party.

Not only her magic makes up for her lack of physical strenght, but she is easily the smartest of the group, being known to analyze the enemies to defeat them in the most efficient way.

Natalie's magic is very focused on elemental skills and status effects, which can be extremely useful to exploit the specific elemental weakness and on healing magic, particularly with skills like Heal, Revive, and Regen. This doesn't mean that she lacks the option to use the powers granted by her staff though. Not only she can use Unleash to obtain the maximum benefit out of it, but they also boost her already powerful magic.

She can create powerful forcefields with Barrier, Guardian, or Syphon them with Talisman Seal. Also why she is wielding the Death Scythe, not only she can inflict the Death status herself, but she also cast Death Spikes (which can inflict Death) as well as randomly summoning the Grim Reaper because why not.

Her signature Limit Breaks are Genesis which casts a countrywide blast that inflicts massive holy damage and gives auto-revive status to all the allies, and Kyun, which boosts the stats of the party, heal them completely, remove all the negative status effects and debuff the enemies. 


Epic battle fantasy lance by soranekuro-d7f8sdk

The final boss of Epic Battle Fantasy 2 and the only human to ever serve such a role so far, Lance is an expert engineer whose greatest creation is undoubtedly the Valkyrie Tank, which matched both Natalie and Matt.

Lance serves both as a mage and a physical fighter, combining Matt's ability to obtain the maximum in term of status effects from its weapons, and Natalie's versatility in terms of skills.

Lance's style is very focused on debuffing the opponent, with skills like Bind, Debilitate, or Unleash depending on the gun equipped. He also has skills such as Antimatter, where he can literally shoot antimatter against the enemies (Godcat and Akron can take this to the face without any issue whatsowever). Paired with the Death Manipulation of Black Hole and various skills, as well as being the only member of the party who have access to Speed Up with the Accelerator, Lance can be a formidable foe.

He is also a master of stealth, as Matt said "he can't be found unless he wants to show himself". He is also strong enough to outright slam the Valkyrie Tank on the enemies in his signature Limit Break Oblivion. He doesn't have any problem doing this inside of Akron's black hole either and as you probably know, things are quite heavier inside black holes.

Lance use summons the most, frequently using skills like Medipack,Air strike,Poison Gas,or Tank Guns.


Epic battle fantasy anna by soranekuro-d7a8s1t

Anna is the latest addition to the EBF gang, having joined them during Epic Battle Fantasy 4. She immediately imposed herself as the leader of the goup, stomping Matt as soon as she met him. Anna is a ranger, and has such, her magic revolves around Earth, Poison and Wind, but she isn't limited to those. For example, her Frost Arrow has a high chance of freezing her foes solid, her Soul Arrow can copy all the stat modifier that an enemy has, her Refresh magic is not only powerful enough to heal someone from the brink of death, but it also Bless the target. Just as Natalie, she can use Revive to give herself the Auto-Revive status.

Being a "hybrid" character that isn't particularly focused on magic or physical combat, just like Lance, Anna excels in both, even if she doesn't reach the level of someone like Matt or Natalie.

The first things coming to mind when thinking about Anna's powers are definitely The Departed, which inflicts Doom on the target after every strike, the Alchemist's Bow which inflicts all the status effects, or the Emerald Cyclone which casts AoE omnidirectional attacks with each shot, making dodges almost impossible to perform.

General things about the Players

534010390 preview Epic Battle Fantasy

All of them can switch equipment instantly during the battle. This includes armors, weapons, hats, and  flairs.

Flairs can either boost an elemental resistance, randomly give beneficial status effects (Bless, Morale, Auto-Revive and Regeneration) buff stats, or replace the status effect caused by a weapon. Many armors grants random buffs as well, such as the Pope's Dress, which casts Revive, or the Leather Armor which casts Temper.

Special skills are powers which aren't peculiar of a single party member, but can be learned by at least two of them.

The complete lists of skills are here, while here are the lists of weapons (swords, staves, guns and bowsarmors  and flairs.

Let's analyze some of them.

We already went over Giga/Tera Drill, Dispel, Berserk and Syphon.

Guardian is a combination of Barrier, Reflex, Protect, and a weak Heal. Barrier is a magical forcefield while Protect is a physical one, Reflex is a speed boost (boosting their evade makes easier for them to dodge) and Heal is a healing magic. All the players can use this, as well as Godcat's Creator avatar. 

Sacrifice is a bit dangerous, as it requires the user to die, but Auto-Revive status effectively turns it into a powerful Dark Magic with Death Manipulation as a side effect. Anna, Matt and Natalie can use it.

Cleanse removes every debuff and bad status effects.

Sawblade and Triple Sawblades straight up ignore any defense other than regular durability, possibly inflicting Death in the process.

Annihilate can also be learned by Anna. Not much to add about it.

It should be obvious where all those resistances for the players are coming from. While covering Akron, we saw that he stomped the party quite hard, but still, they survived while their soul was being sucked, their body erased, and were completely unaffected while space-time was being twisted all around them. All of that, at their absolute weakest.

They also resisted antimatter-based attacks from Lance's dark counterpart. As covered before, magical and physical attacks are different in nature in the verse, so that's were resistance from magic comes from. The resistance to Gravity Manipulation comes from surviving the black holes, like Akron's, or the supermassive black hole at the galactic core.

The resistance to radiations comes from their ability to withstand nukes without any trouble. As well as the fact that both Natalie and Matt withstood an explosion of gamma radiation that almost lifewiped the planet point blank, while tired after a difficult battle as early as Epic Battle Fantasy 1.


The Scanbot can give them basic info about the enemy, such as what it is, which are its main methods of attacks, and which are its weaknesses. It's Information Analysis.

The Slime Bunny grants Regeneration. It  can also be stacked.

The Ancient Monolith envelops the entire party inside a forcefield, and is also a powerful ally in its own right.

They can also summon a whole army of Cosmic Monoliths (who are high tier enemies always portrayed as comparable to players and final bosses).

There is also the Protector, who can summon various runes to grant assorted buffs, and whose attack can dispel the enemies before hitting them, effectively negating things like Barrier or Protect.

Last but not least, comes the Praetorian, who is able to hack other machines (having hacked the Ion Cannon) summon various turrets and robots, inflict Death and create forcefields that buff his defence, magical defence, and evade.

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