This blog will briefly cover each weapon and item from the game, as well as explaining stats and powers.

Active Items

The effects of those items apply only while they are activated, but they can have some passive effects as well. The MeatbunMedkitRation, the Old Knight's Flask and the Orange are all Healing to different degrees, with the former doubling the damage until the Gungeoneer is hit.

The Ice Bomb throws a bomb that freezes people, duh. Ice Manipulation.

The Chaff Grenade creates a flash of light and stuns enemies. Light Manipulation and Status Effect Inducement.

Big Boy drops a nuke that leaves poison afterwards. Fire ManipulationRadiation ManipulationPoison Manipulation and Explosion Manipulation.

The IBomb Companion App causes to everything that can explode to do so. Explosion Manipulation.

Bullet Time slows down time while active (It affects the user as well). Time Manipulation.

The Aged Bell stops time for a few seconds (This one doesn't affect the user). Time Stop.

Singularity creates a black hole. Gravity Manipulation.

The Melted Rock causes enemies corpses to explode. Explosion Manipulation.

Fortune's Favor makes the Gungeooner lucky, deviating bullets. Probability Manipulation i guess?

The Potion of Lead Skin causes bullets to bounce back, and makes the Gungeoneer invulnerable. Invulnerability and Attack Reflection.

Double Vision doubles the bullets fired reducing accuracy. Statistics Amplification.

The Relodestone passively halves the reload time of each weapon and absorb enemies bullets while active. Absorption and Statistics Amplification.

The Jetpack grants Flight and Statistics Amplification (Of speed)

The Poison Vial creates a pool of poison. Poison Manipulation.

The Potion of Gun Friendship boosts damage, fire rate, knockback and decrease the reload time. Statistics Amplification.

The Stuffed Star makes the user invulnerable. Invulnerability.

The Ring of Ethereal Form grants Flight and Intangibility. Said intangibility isn't bypassed by simply being able to attack ghosts.

The Charm Horn charms enemies making them allies.  Empathic Manipulation.

The Elder Blank triggers the effect of a Blank

The Teleporter Prototype teleports the Gungeoneer to a tandom room. Teleportation.

Battery Bullets make bullets electric. Electricity Manipulation.

Flak Bullets make bullets split into other bullets upon hit. Paired with some weapons, this can be a pretty good Danmaku.

Silver Bullets do more damage to jammed enemies (who are basically possessed) and are blessed, so Holy Manipulation.

The Chaos Bullets literally give the bullets a chance to have any kind of status effect.

Passive Items

Those are always active.

+1 BulletsRocket-Powered BulletsHeavy BulletsAlpha Bullets and Omega Bullets are Statistics Amplification.

The Roll Bomb drops an explosive when dodge rolling.

The Shock Rounds create a chain of electricity between bullets. Electricity Manipulation.

The Bouncy Bullets grants bullets the ability to bounce off objects.

The Explosive Rounds add a chance for every bullet to be explosive. Explosion Manipulation.

The Ghost Bullets grants the objects the ability ro phase trough obstacles and pierce enemies. Intangibility i guess?

Irradiated Lead makes some shot poisonus. Poison Manipulation.

Hot Lead cause to some enemies to catch fire when they take damage. Fire Manipulation.

Frost Bullets does the same but with freezing instead. Ice Manipulation.

The Charming Rounds charm enemies. Empathic Manipulation.

The Magic Bullets can turn the enemies into chickens. Transmutation.

Homing Bullets makes some bullets homing (the "i'll chase you till i hit" kind of homing). Homing Attack.

Remote Bullets allow to change the trajectory of the bullets mid flight. Dunno what it would be, but it definitely makes dodging harder.

The Ring of Fire Resistance makes the Gungeoneer fireproof. Resistance against Fire Manipulation.

Broccoli grants a 10% chance to negate damage. Damage Negation.

The Crutch grants a slight homing effect to every bullet.

Gundromeda Strain passively reduces the health of the enemies to 75%. Disease Manipulation.

The Liquid Valkyrie and theBloody Eye increase perceptions, making bullets slower. Enhanced Senses.

The Full Metal Jacket trigger a Blank when the Gungeoneer is about to take damage, negating it.

The Bug Boots leave a trail of poison behind, and make it uneffective against the Gungeoneer. Poison Manipulation and Resistance to it.

The Rolling Eye reflects bullets while dodge rolling. Attack Reflection.

The Gungeon Pepper passively damage nearby enemies. Aura.

The Super Hot Watch causes time to slow down to the point of being almost frozen while the Gungeoneer isn't moving. Time Manipulation.

The Blood Brooch is a sort of vampirism that allows the player to heal after damaging the enemies enough.

Wax Wings grant Flight.

Nanomachines insert little robots into the body of the Gungeoneer that turns the lead into its body (bullets) into armor.  Nanotechnology.

The Seven-Leaf Clover "bestows incredible luck upon the bearer". Luck Manipulation.

The Chaos AmmoletUranium AmmoletAmmolet Copper Ammolet and Frost Ammolet grant various status effects the Blanks.

The Bloodied Scarf grants combat applicable teleportation. Effects of the dodge roll apply to the teleportation instead.

The Clone grants the ability to be replaced with another body. Type 6 Immortality.

The Hazmat Suit protects from fire, poison and electricity. Resistance to Fire Manipulation, Poison Manipulation and Electricity Manipulation.

The Gun Soul resurrect the player with a single heart container (aka on the brink of death). Resurrection.

The Bullet Idol damages every enemy in the room upon taking damage.

The Riddle of Lead amplify stats, and add a chance to negate damage when the player has only 1 heart container and is damaged. Statistics Amplification and Damage Negation.

The Sixth Chamber grants the blessing of Kaliber, the goddess of the Gundeads. Whenever the bearer is cursed, their luck grow. Blessed


The Casey reflects enemy bulets when swung at the right time, and is also a decent melee weapon. Attack Reflection.

The Vorpal Gun has a chance to hit with a x20 multiplier to the damage.

The Cold 45 freezes enemies when hit. Ice Manipulation and Status Effect Inducement.

The Grey Mauser grants invisibility while reloading and does quadruple damage if shots are fired while invisible. Invisibility and Statistics Amplification.

The Composite Gun fires piercing bullets. Limited Durability Negation as it can go trough barriers.

The Shotgun Full of Love charm the enemies, turning them friendly and willing to fight for the Gungeoneer for a while. Empathic Manipulation.

Its counterpart, the Shotgun Full of Hate fires poisonus bullets, piercing bullets and bouncing bullets.

The Shotgrub leaves poison on the ground where it hits a enemy. Poison Manipulation and Status Effect Inducement.

The Siren protects from Status Effect Inducement while equipped.

The ZIlla Shotgundoes basically the same on top of the bullets bouncing against walls.

The Ice Breaker fires freezing bullets like the Cold 45, and the final bullet is explosive. Ice Manipulation, Status Effect Inducement and Explosion Manipulation.

The Charmed Bow charms the enemies upon hit. As stated in the Ammonomicon, it's trough hallucinogens, so Illusion Creation and Status Effect Inducement.

The Crescent Crossbow fires bullets that divide into other bullets that divide into other bullets. Danmaku.

The Flare Gun sets enemies on fire when it hits. Fire Manipulation.

The Rattler poisons enemies. Poison Manipulation.

The Crown of Guns fires bullets everywhere (literally). Danmaku.

The Ballon Gun grants Flight while held, creates small tornadoes and has homing attacks.

The Plague Pistol can poison enemies. Poison Manipulation .

The Dragunfire ignites enemies. Fire Manipulation.

The Judge fires a random status effect inducing bullet as the last round in the magazine.

The Fightsabre reflects incoming attacks when reloaded.

The Crestfaller progressively freezes enemies with each shot. Ice Manipulation and Status Effect Inducement.

The Thunderclap fires actual lightning bolts. Electricity Manipulation.

The Particulator fires homing attacks.

The Emperor fires electron bursts that imitate lightning bolts. Electricity Manipulation.

The Scrambler fires homing attacks.

The Black Hole Gun does exactly what the name suggests. Fires actual black holes.

"Shoots black holes.

A technological marvel, produced by Interstice Technology. Once fully charged, users report seeing the momentary birth, and death of a star." Gravity Manipulation.

The Devolver can devolve the enmies into simpler enemies.  Biological Manipulation.

The Screecher fires sound wawes that can stun enemies.Sound Manipulation and Status Effect Inducement.

The Snakemaker the Witch Pistol, the Bundle of Wands and the Hexagun turns enemies into snakes/chickens. Transmutation

The Dark Marker fires a bullet of matter and one of antimatter. Antimatter Manipulation.

The Gunslinger's Ashes fires spirits that will shoot at the enemies. Summoning.

The Raiden ColiThe Unicorn HornGunther, the Proton Backpack, the Abyssal Tentacle and the Bullet Bore fire homing attacks, with the latter stunning enemies.

The Disintegrator fires a beam that decoheres matters into its constituent particles. Unspecified degree of Matter Manipulation.

The Eye of the Beholster summons a freindly BeadieSummoning.

The Compressed Air Tank fires living sharks. Yep. Animal Manipulation.

The Gun That Can Kill The Pastgives Time Travel.

Blasphemy Is a very peculiar sword. It can destroy incoming attacks when swung, and while at full life, it fires energy attacks that pierce trough the target.Attack negation, Energy Manipulation and limited Durability Negation.


As stated by the Ammonomicon entry for the second Master Round, those who enter the Gungeon are doomed to remain, living countless lives in an effort to break the cycle. Type 8 immortality reliant on the Gungeon. Every time that they are killed, time is rewindedand they are sent to the beginning of the Gungeon. This works under the same mechanism as the Gun That Can Kill The Past (notice how the same clock-shaped scope appear, just the numbers of rewinds is different).

Everyone can damage the Hollowpoints, so that's harming intangibles for everyone.

Weapon Mastery should be fairly obvious.

The Gungeoneers are resistant to time paradoxes. While it's true that they can change their own past, it's just as true that no matter how they change it (including dying) they will end up in the Gungeon.

Blanks are consumables that can be used to destroy incoming attacks and briefly grants invulnerability upon activation.

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