Trying to get a tier for the "Create a pocket dimension with a sun" kind of feat

Assumption made for this calc:

The radius is 1 AU like Earth-Sun distance.

The planet inside the pocket dimension is Earth.

Formula is E= 4*U*((Er/Br)^2), U is GBE of Earth, Er is the explosion's radius, Br is the Earth's radius, and E is the yield.

Sun at the center and planet at the "edge" of the pocket dimension

1 AU= 1,496*10^11 metres

GBE= 2,24*10^32 J

Earth's radius= 6.373.044,737 m

E= 4*2,24*10^32*((1,496*10^11:(6,373044737*10^6))^2)=



8,1445131895776341678369398784*10^44 or 8,14 Foe Large Star level

Sun at the "edge" and planet at the center of the pocket dimension

Calc here, credit to Assalt.

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