Re-do of this calc using a bigger explosion at the bottom corner using HD scans.

Jagi takes a nuke seen from space, and though no one knows which one, all the explosions eventually expand to the same size as mentioned in the old calc so I just picked the bigger one.


JagiNuclearExplosion2 edit

Here, the Earth (Red) is 4625px in diameter (628-5228px).

The big explosion (Yellow) is 263px (2469-2731px).

4625/263= 17.58555133079847908745247148289x and 12,742/17.58555133079847908745247148289= 724.57211 km. Divide by 2 and we get 362.3 km rounded off, our radius.

Using this calculator The minimum number of megatons required to hit the air blast radius accounting for fatalities is 2690603 megatons or 2690.603 gigatons or 2.690603 teratons of TNT. Divide by two since only 50% of the energy is actually from the blast and it's 1.3453015 teratons of TNT (Small Country level).

OK so scaling...

Kenshiro harmed Jagi with 30% strength, so at 100%= 1.3453015/0.3= 4.48433833 teratons of TNT (Small Country level+).

Assuming Kenshiro's post-Seals Lifted Base (30% of his full power) is the same as his pre-Seals Lifted 100% self, his post-Seals Lifted 100% form is:

4.0766712/0.3= 14.947794 teratons of TNT (Country level)


Jagi takes a bomb= 1.3453015 teratons of TNT (Small Country level)

Kenshiro's 100% (Pre-Seals Lifted)= 4.48433833 teratons of TNT (Small Country level+)

Kenshiro's 100% (Post-Seals Lifted)= 14.947794 teratons of TNT (Country level)

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