In this feat, the octopus seafolk messenger creates a tidal wave. I'll be attempting to calc the KE of the tsunami, or something like that.


Since this happens in a place with culture similar to that of Japan, and since the car is a hatchback one, i'll be using the height of the Toyota Yaris for it, which is 1.5m. If 1.5m = 21p, then 1p = 0.0714m. This means the octopus seafolk heights at 5.933 meters. Now for the second scan.


If 5.933m = 693p, then 1p = 0.008558m. The wave heights, then, at 3.311 meters.  This states that, around Japan, " There's a mean depth of 5,748 feet (1,752 metres) and a maximum depth of 12,276 feet (3,742 metres). " We put the mean depth on this: And we get the speed of the wave, 4.145 m/s.

Now for the mass. That's the tricky part for me, i'm not sure how to get the mass, but making a sphere based on the water we see should be alright.  The formula for spheres is 4/3 * Pi * R^3. The sphere i made isn't in the photo, but it wields 413 pixels of diameter, or 1.767m of radius. Applying the formula, we get 23.1 cubic meters of water, or 23100kgs of water. Now for the final part, kinetic energy.

KE = 1/2 * 23100 * 4.145 * 4.145 = 198440.8J. That's 198.44KJ, 9-B.

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