In the episode 29 of season 4 Mordecai falls from a helicopter in a pool and vaporizes the entire water of the pool in the process. 


In this shot, Mordecai is 1.8288m and is 28p, so 1p = 0.0653142 meters. With this we get the total area of the pool, (337 x 0.0653142) x (210 x 0.0653142), which is 301.90090795 squared meters. Now we only need the depth.


In this shot, we see this fraction of Mordecai's body is capable of standing above the water level, assuming he's standing, which seems to be the case. This fraction is about 39.38% of his body, so the fraction underwater, 60.62%, gets us the depth of the pool. 60.62% of 1.8288 is 1.1086 meters.

Since the depth of the pool is 1.1086 meters, we multiply that to the 301.90090795 meters of area to get the volume, 334.687346 cubic meters.

The volume of the pool is equal to 334687340 cc. 2575 times 334687340 is 861819900500J, or 205.979 tons, 8-A.

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