I need Groudon's AP for a thread but discovered there's no solid calc for him, so i just thought: hey, why don't i make one myself?

Multi-Continent level (Stated in the legend to have raised continents) "

So that's what i'll be calc'ing. First, for the mass of all continents.

Earth has an area of 510100000 sk. 71% is water, 147929000sk is land. 

Earth's crust has a 70km of depth so that's what i'll be using.

147929000 * 70 = 10355030000ck = 10355030000000000000 cubic meters.

Continental crust, stone and earth: 2700 Kg/m^3

10355030000000000000 * 2700 = 27958581000000000000000Kg

If we were to assume he raised the continents by the same 70km, we'd get:

(27958581000000000000000*9.8*70000) = 19179586566000000000000000000J or 4.58 exatons, High 6-A.

Now, that's assuming ALL the Earth's land. Let's do another calc assuming only one continent, i'll use South America as basis.

17840000 * 70 = 1248800000ck = 1248800000000000000 cubic meters. 

1248800000000000000 * 2700 = 3371760000000000000000Kg

3371760000000000000000 * 9.8 * 70000 = 2313027360000000000000000000J or 0.55 Exatons, High 6-A.

  Another end based on Ugarik's commentary 

Literally the same as before, except that for the lifting height i used the entire crust and now i'll be using average sea depth + the mean height of land above sea level, that is, 0.84km

This states said depth is that of 3.68km and then we add that to the 0.84km for a total 4.52km of height.

3371760000000000000000 * 9.8 * 4520 = 149355480960000000000000000J or 35.6 petatons, High 6-A <-- this is the SA, accepted end

27958581000000000000000 * 9.8 * 4520 = 1238453303976000000000000000J or 295 petatons, High 6-A <-- this is the entire observable land end

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