You can find the feat at 0:38

Here's the formula: Mass(m) x Height(h) x Gravitational Acceleration(g = 9.82m/s). According to Soupywolf5, the TV is an old CRT model, which at best, weighted around 150 lbs, and at worst, 50 lbs. I estimated the height to be around 60cm.

At worst: 50x60x9.82= 29.460 joules (Below Average Human)

At best: 150x60x9.82= 88.380 joules (High end Human Level)

The toys lift the TV

Shortly after that, the other toys come to the rescue and lift the TV.

Knowing that the ones lifting it were Woody, Jessie and Mr. and Mrs. PotatoHead;

At worst: 50%4= 12.5 lbs (Below Average Human)

At best: 150%4= 50 lbs (Below Average Human/Human Level)

Note: First time doing this. Sorry if there's some oopsies here and there

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