Calculation of feats by Sterling Archer. Yep THE Sterling Archer.

I thought it would be a large project but this fight scene covers most of what I need.

Archer slams a person and formed a crack

Archer - fight scene @ Air Force Base - gun model
Archer - fight scene @ Air Force Base - speed feat

I find an AP feat. Focus on the first picture.

A human head has a height of 21.8 cm for 50th percentile and a diameter of around 17.5159235669 cm

Assume crater depth = 0.2 cm and an oval cylinder-shaped crater

Volume of crater formed = pi * (21.8 cm/2) * (17.5159235669 cm/2) * 0.2 cm = 59.98040751 cc

Low end: Concrete wall composition gives a yield of 359.8824451 (Street Level) - safer bet, agreed by DMUA

High end: Cement wall composition gives a yield of 479.8432601 (Street Level)

Archer dodges bullets

The machine gun held by the soldiers looks most like an M16 assault rifle.

M16 fires rounds at 960 m/s and he dodged it within arm's length (seen in the second picture).

I give him 960 m/s perception (Supersonic+) with Superhuman combat and reaction speed - this would be the safest bet.

This also supports his implicit talent for counting bullets fired during gunfights.

Oh he can toss around armed soldiers - this should support his Above Average Human lifting strength.

Archer dodges more bullets

Here Archer dodges more pistol fires from both sides on a train.

A passenger train (estimated to be comparable to MTR Metro Cammell EMU (DC) has a car length of 23.16 m. Archer stands in the middle of that so distance from the firing pistols to him is 23.16/2 = 11.58 m.

Walther PPK pistols fire at 308 m/s. So travel time of bullets = 11.58 m / 308 m/s = 0.037597403 s

Since he just moved his body at around 0.5 m to dodge the bullets, dodging speed (& hence his combat and reaction speed) = 0.5 m / 0.037597403 s = 13.29879102 m/s (Superhuman)

Ah he chases with other cops and soldiers around. At least Athletic Human travel speed ya.


Archer has a Walther PPK (not Walther PPK/S) pistol as his standard equipment. Although he can use any real world weapon and wield it efficiently - John Wick style. He is pretty good at deceiving enemies too.

His CQC skills are more improvised than trained school of martial arts but still, martial arts.

Knowing magazine sizes for various makes and models of semi-automatic and automatic weapons, you know he is very good (both in knowledge and in combat experience) at firearms as well.

Potentially someone should also create a profile for Malory Archer, THE 6th worst fictional mother in Screwattack's Top 10 Worst Moms.

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