Mr.Cinos15 wrote:
Verse: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

Priority: 3 (Scales to only the Wave Motion Guns AP and any other weapon comparable to it.)

Feat: (The feat occurs at 3:16 and onwards)

Feat Description: The Yamato uses the Wave Motion Gun to destroy a base on the floating continent located in Jupiter, but underestimate the firepower of the Gun and instead destroy the entirety of the Continent (Which was stated to be the size of Australia). The feat that matters is the destruction the continent, but if the scar that the Yamato left behind on Jupiter is calculable, that would be really appreciated.

Calculation - Wave Motion Gun Yield

Yamato-earth sn01

Jupiter radius = 500 px = 7.7857E+11 m

Blast semi-minor axis = 19.72308292 px = 30711601343 m

Blast semi-major axis = 45.89389938 px = 71463226475 m

Blast area = 6.89501E+21 m^2

Hypothetical blast radius = 46848160286 m = 46848160.286 km

By the VSBW air-blast formula,

Yield = 2.34193E+21 megaton TNT
9.79863E+36 J (5-A Large Planet Level)

Calculation - Yamato Durability

Since the spaceship, at the edge of the blast, tanks the durability with its own shield...

Intensity of the explosion at semi-major axis = (2.34193E+27)/(4*PI()*(71463226475 m )^2)
= 36492.06408 Tons of TNT / m^2

Ship length = 333 m ~= 388 px on pic 2
Effective ship diameter ~= 333 m * 52 px / 388 px = 44.62886598 m
Ship area = pi() * (44.62886598 m / 2)^2 = 1564.305544 m^2

Durability of ship = 36492.06408 Tons of TNT / m^2 * 1564.305544 m^2
= 57084738.15 tons of TNT = 2.38843E+17 J (7-B+ City Level+)

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