Various grounds for Metal Slug tiering.

Marco destroys helicopter

The characters can easily destroy helicopters.

These helicopters should be no different from the real life helicopters like AH-64 Apache in durability.

They further destroy some tanks.

Tanks in real life like M1 Abrams can tank its own Rheinmetall 120mm Main Gun and has a fragmentation energy of up to over 20 gigajoules (4.780114723 ton TNT, Large Building level). So yeah.

Marco & co eventually defeated some evil giants

The main characters defeated Evil Spirit Incarnate in Metal Slug 5.

Picture 1

Marco's height = 1.80 m = 37 px

ESI heart height here = 109 px = 1.8/37*109 = 5.302702703 cm

Picture 2

ESI heart height here = 106 px = 5.302702703 m

ESI as a whole = 908 px = 908/106*5.302702703 m = 45.42315145 m

Applying the Ugarik-Jasonsith giant model...

Tally - Evil Spirit Incarnate tiered by sheer size

Height = 45.42315145 m (Large Size Type 1)
Weight = 1216738.401 kg
Running speed = 171.2808858 m/s (Mach 0.499361183, Subsonic)
Combat speed = 264.3390049 m/s (Mach 0.770667653, Subsonic+) << At most Hypersonic by scaling to tank gun fires from main characters
Lifting strength = 34407574.34 kg (Class M)
Striking strength = 999479556.4 J = 0.238881347 ton TNT (Small Building level+)
Running energy = 17847813525 J = 4.26572981 ton TNT (Large Building level)

Since this beast should not be less tough than a mere M1 Abrams... yeah its AP and durability should scale to the total fragmentation energy of an M1 Abrams instead, with its combat speed scaling to hypersonic tank gun fires.

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