As the title says, something related to visual images and sight.

Standing distance

Here I have drawn an image of comparison of different persons at IDENTICAL height of 1.7 m looks like when standing at different ranges.

The following formulae have been applied:

  • Distance from point of view to object = object size * panel height in pixels/[object height in pixels*2*tan(70deg/2)]
  • Object size = 2*tan(70deg/2) * distance from point of view to object * object height in pixels / panel height in pixels

(Human height is always 1.7 m and pixel height is meant to be 1000 px
I did make the panel 1250 px to illustrate the effect of the (2nd from left) character standing at higher pixel height than the panel height
The character standing at 1000 m away should appear as a dot at the horizon and therefore is meant not to be seen clearly.)

Tally - Standing distance

Distance of character from camera (m) Height of character in panel (px)
1.213925806 1000
1 1213.925806
2 606.9629029
5 242.7851611
10 121.3925806
50 24.27851611
100 12.13925806
500 2.427851611
1000 1.213925806

So this should give a good estimate at how character standing distances should actually be portrayed.

For your reference, the farthest distance a human eye can detect a candle flame is 2.76 kilometers.

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