Mai Zenin and Mass Energy Conversion

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Ok so this is the first calc blog I've ever done so sorry if their are any errors here


First I shall explain why this should be or be similar to E=mc^2 to an extent(Prob will get rejected like all the other verses but i may as well try)

First off constructing the bullet is stated to be different from creating stuff in domains, for domains the instant your out of Cursed Energy or you are incapacitated the things disappear.

With the bullet it stays forever and is unaltered by the creators cursed energy since that energy has basically already been used to create the bullet.

There is also the statement that this process takes an "immense" amount of energy and for Mai she can only make one a day.

Compared to for example Dagon's domain that creates an entire island(With mountains and tons of water surrounding it)without that process seemingly taking everything out of him implying its a completely different process of creation.

Last things to point out is that the rating for this isn't even stupidly high compared to current ratings with other stronger characters outputting more in a more casual fashion anyway, btw it doesn't directly scale to anyone comparable to Mai at all for general combat.(So no High 7-C Grade 3 sorcerers)


9mm Bullet:

So using E=MC^2 and using This website [1] which says 9mm bullets standardly weigh between 5.51g and 9.52g for the most popular 9mm bullets

Low end 5.51g:=495214103 megajoules or 118 Kilotons

Large Town Level(High 7-C)

High End 9.52g:=855614930 megajoules or 204 Kilotons

Large Town Level(High 7-C)

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