This is a blog detailing all of the feats and consistant possibilities of Multi-Universal Sailor Moon feats. Feel free to leave your opinion on my reasoning and evidence.

Scaling Evidence


- ESM performed a feat of destroying a universe moments after acheiving her form. We have no contradictions of this not being a full scale destruction, which could prove as a Low 2-C feat for ESM at this point.

- We also have this scan revealing the Silver Crystal's existence along with Sailor Moon's warps the space-time continuum. Another Low 2-C feat from her.

- She gets an upgrade from Chibi-Chibi while fighting the Galactica Senshi.

- And this makes her comparable to Chaos.


- He's an extremely casual Low 2-C from warping to the far reaches of the space-time continuum via his existence. This puts him already at a high tier even without the power-ups that characters receive beyond his feat.

Lambda Senshi

Lambda Sailor Moon casually destroys Chaos after absorbing the Lambda power into herself. 

- Then goes on to simultaneously restore the cosmos casuallyafterward. This includes the universe, space-time corridor, and galaxy cauldron.

- The Lambda Power can be used over and over again to restore the cosmos

- All of the senshi gain the Lambda power and therefore can create a space-time continuum casually

Lambda Power

- The Lambda Power is a combination of all the Sailor Crystals which includes the Low 2-C Silver, Golden, and Sapphire Crystals. There are likely more going by how several characters scale to ESM. Who has Low 2-C feats.

- Also consider that the Lambda Power restores the entire cosmos. Which would include the Space-Time corridor, an infinite plane of fourth dimensional space outside of the  universe. Then the Galaxy Cauldron, a Meta-physical plane also outside of the universe with the capacity to create fourth dimensional crystals, and constantly sustain the physical universe along with its space-time continuum.

Sailor Cosmos

- Sailor Cosmos is an entire other form Sailor Moon gains after Sailor Chaos attacks. In this form she holds the Cosmos Crystal as her own Sailor Crystal.

- Sailor Cosmos can ignore the Silver Crystal collision which can destroy at least the Universe, Galaxy Cauldron, and Space-Time Corridor to potentially existence itself. Either way it would be a likely Multi-Universe level explosion, especially since there are several Universe sized places within the SM universe other than the actual universe itself.

Sailor Chaos

- Was described as being immensely stronger than all of the Lambda Senshi and that they stood no chance at all. She was able to defeat them all casually apparently.

- Was able destroy the cosmos beyond repair. Keep in mind the Lambda power can restore a cosmos of several universal sized places.

Potential Reasons To Be Used

Powerscaling based on feats and evidence

ESM < Upgraded ESM and Sailor Galaxia < Chaos < Lambda Senshi < Lambda Sailor Moon > Sailor Cosmos and Sailor Chaos

Feats and evidence that assist it

- Lambda power restoring the cosmos. Which includes several universal places.

- Sailor Cosmos ignoring the explosion that would be created by two silver crystals coming into contact. The Cosmos Crystal still possesses the silver crystal as a part of it.

- Sailor Chaos destroying the cosmos beyond repair of the Lambda power. Sailor Cosmos has to use it to restore the cosmos over and over again.

- The Lambda power being made up of several Low 2-C sailor crystals and Sailor Chaos stomping Lambda Sailor Moon and the Lambda senshi.

- Basically the powerscaling from base ESM being Universe+

Potential Upgrade

Probably Multi-Universe level for Lambda SM for restoring the cosmos, which is a Multi-Universal feat when you consider the cosmology of the universe. As for the Lambda senshi, either Low 2-C or At least Low 2-C via absorbing the Lambda power and should be stronger than at least Base ESM who has Universe+ feats. Also Multi-Universe level for Sailor Cosmos and Sailor Chaos via being stronger than Lambda SM and having feats for it as well.

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