The smith answers only to God, for his hands repair His body.
~ Builder Robert Bumaro


The Church of the Broken God is an anomalous religious organization which worships mechanization and believes flesh and life to be inherently evil or "broken". Though its origins are unknown, Broken God-related artifacts have been recovered from archaeological digs dating back to the Greek Classical period, and church dogma asserts its existence predates the appearance of life on Earth.

Central to their theology is that their deity has been scattered, dispersed or otherwise rendered inert. Through the use of (often) anomalous technology, Church followers seek to bring together the components of the body of their god (Mekhane), thereby allowing their god a physical form to utilize and bringing about techno-organic apotheosis.

The Broken Church (The main fragment of the CotBG) is organized in a hierarchical structure nominally led by a man named Robert Bumaro. Each office communicates only with those directly superior, equal, and subordinate to their own. The basic office is that of the chaplain, who directs the activities of a chapel of no more than twenty individuals. The higher orders are responsible for equipment production and the storage of anomalous entities. Operatives of the Church may be equipped with either conventional or anomalous armaments obtained from their chapel's armoury, and are largely unaffected by cognitive-based anomalies. 

The "Cogwork Orthodox Church" espouses a form of literal religious iconography known as "Standardization", whereby adherents submit to anomalous mechanical enhancement with the stated goal of remaking themselves in the image or plan of their deity. Due to the extent of their mechanical augmentation, members of this sect often emit audible ticking or tapping sounds and have been referred to disparagingly as "Tickers" by members of the other two sects.

The Cogwork Orthodoxy deliberately adheres to technological norms of the late Industrial Revolution, and regard the mass-production of analogue, steam and clockwork-driven machinery and technology as a form of prayer. Orthodoxy doctrine is highly centralized and regulated by a group of known as the Patriarchs. Orthodox belief decries the use of electronic or digital devices, and views distributed information sharing and decentralization as tantamount to the dissolution of divine knowledge and, ultimately, heresy.

The Cogwork Orthodox Church is made up of a series of Orders that serve different purposes and administrate different areas of the Orthodoxy, these Orders include:

  • Patriarchs: The Patriarchs, are for all intents and purposes, the overall leaders of the Orthodoxy. They are a highly insular body of unknown composition and extent. They provide final decision-making and control over all matters within the Orthodoxy, as well as producing the memoranda, texts, production orders and design documents that become the religious texts known as the Schema.
  • Schematists-Faithful: This order is tasked with printing, compiling and organizing the Schema based on instructions from the Patriarchs. They theoretically are equally-ranked with all the other Orders, but in practice exert slightly more political pull because of their editing privileges over Orthodoxy Writ such as the Schema.
  • Legates-Faithful: This order handles internal affairs/Inquisition/Courts system. They investigate heresy, mediate disputes, and are entitled to direct action in cases of conflict within the Cathedral or other Orthodox properties. One of the two officially 'Armed Orders', the other being the Militants-Faithful.
  • Militants-Faithful: This order is in charge of external affairs/Self-defence. They deal directly with overt and covert threats to the Orthodoxy, beyond the purvey of the Legates. They function as both ambassadors and representatives to other groups, except in matters of doctrine (wherein Militant forces might be used to supplement a core group of Legates). The first of the two officially 'Armed Orders', the other being the Legates-Faithful.
  • Fabricators-Faithful: This order oversees the production of Church properties. They act as foremen and quality control officers for Lay-Brothers and Sisters working in Fabrication duties. They also determine which new Inventions are to be sent to the Patriarchs for their Standardization approval.
  • Inventors-Faithful: This order is tasked with refining and creating new potentially Standardized designs. They embark on quests to answer key questions of theology and design. By default, all Church Sentient Analytical Engines act as members of the Inventors.

The Church of Maxwellism focuses on a more modernized, computation and network-oriented means of worship. Interviews and covert surveillance has determined that all known cells are in regular contact with one another, and capable of coordination. Maxwellists, generally, favour small-scale body modification through the use of advanced cybernetics and organ enhancement over full body modification. While artificial limbs or reinforced skeletons have been observed, Maxwellist implants focus primarily on communication, data storage, networking capabilities, and sensory enhancement.

The Church of Maxwellism operates a tri-layer hierarchical network where members congregate, live, work, and worship online. The layers consist of the:

  •  Basic Layer: The Basic Layer is a place of fun and entertainment for young Maxwellists where the majority of income and recruitment is generated. To the upper layers, it is merely a front to hide.
  • Aggregated Layer: The Aggregated Layer is in charge of running the Maxwellist network, dealing with basic issues, monitoring the activities of Maxwellists in the Basic Layer, and preparing new constructions and recruitment plans.
  • Compilation Layer: The Compilation Layer is made up of Maxwellists that form a special task force taking direct orders from the Hexagon, the head of the Maxwellist Church. 

The Church of Maxwellism is led by the 'Hexagon', the Hexagon is the high command of the Church of Maxwellism, consisting of six individuals, with some of them no longer retaining a human body and existing solely as digital data. As powerful and experienced 'Admins', they take lead in linking the minds in the network together to simulate the existence of WAN. Most major decisions that affect the Church of Maxwellism are made by the Hexagon through a voting process.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-C, potentially 1-B

Civilization Type: Post-Industrial Civilization.

Name: Church of the Broken God (The CotBG has since fractured into three main groups called the "Cogwork Orthodox Church", the "Church of Maxwellism" and the "Broken Church" respectively with numerous smaller splinter groups forming after The Schism), formerly known as the Mekhanites, GOI-004.

Origin: SCP Foundation

Classification: Anomalous religious organization, Group of Interest.

Kardashev Level: Type 0

Age: The Church has it's origins in the Xia Dynasty, and has presumably existed since 2100 BCE.

Population: Estimated by The Foundation to be ~300,000 worldwide.

Territory: The Civilization’s territory in numbers, either rough or precise

Technology/Abilities: Absorption, Mind Manipulation and Metal Manipulation with SCP-882 (SCP-882 is a large mass of cogs and gears that absorbs Metal and will 'scream' into peoples minds as to force them to offer pieces of metal to it, any piece of metal thrown into it will change into a more advanced piece of technology I.E a metal pipe into a giant screw shaft), Longevity (Most members of the CotBG have a number of the organic parts of their body replaced by machines and technology, greatly increasing their lifespan), Matter Manipulation, Petrification and Disease Manipulation with SCP-271 (SCP-271 is a small disk engraved with strange symbols, these symbols will 'infect' anything around it as if the symbols were invisibly carved into them as well, transforming them on a molecular level into the same substance as SCP-271 itself, this includes both organic and inorganic objects/beings.), Energy Projection (Stated to have laser weaponry), Nanotechnology (Many members have a tailored nano-virus specifically made for them that removes the risk of the organic components rejecting their inorganic ones), Disease Manipulation, Transmutation, Mind ManipulationStatus Effect Inducement and Biological Manipulation with SCP-217 (SCP-217 is a virus with a 100% infectivity rate, SCP-217 alters the biochemistry of organic tissue, causing organic matter to re-arrange into a form of organic metal, and can be spread via touch or contact with bodily fluid .), Transmutation with SCP-2847 (SCP-2847 is a needle that causes all water it comes into contact with to exhibit all the physical and chemical traits of Iron except colour), Mind Manipulation with SCP-1139 (Whenever a direct current passes through SCP-1139, any individuals within a given radius will begin writing and speaking a new language, without the ability to comprehend, learn or re-learn known languages. The radius of the effect depends on how powerful the current passing through it is, a static shock will create a radius of 0.8 meters and a direct lightning strike would cause a global catastrophe.), Telepathy after becoming SCP-1564 (Any being who can directly observe or remember the appearance of SCP-1564 will establish a telepathic link with it, this causes headaches and exhaustion), Sound Manipulation with SCP-808 (If any direct damage is applied to SCP-808 then it will let out an, at least, 185 dB scream that had the power to kill 2 people and deafening at least 10 other personnel), Illusion Creation with SCP-2474 (Upon indirect observation of SCP-2474, such as reading detailed accounts of it or observing photographs of it, subjects will suffer from a wide range of neurological and psychological effects including but not limited to: distress, auditory/visual hallucinations and becoming unresponsive to all stimuli), Information Manipulation with SCP-2660 (SCP-2660 cannot be lied about, memories regarding it cannot be removed through amnestics and any text written about it cannot be deleted. Even if a person observes a small part of it, they will identify it as a lamp and if a colour shifted photo is presented to someone they will always identify it as green), Cyborgization (Most members are only partially modified, however, the higher you go the hierarchy of the Church the more extensive the modifications become. Cyborgization include such things such as; retractable ceramic blades that "cut through bones like butter", kinetic coil guns, neural implants that all connect to a single network of minds, multiple combat processes that can be activated on a whim, higher-ups have the ability to disable the functions of lower members with a thought, laser weaponry, muskets and many more.), Resistance to Poisons (Members of the Church no longer have to breath, and their bodies are made mostly of machinery, rendering biological agents useless), Dimensional BFR (They possess machines that can 'twist space', and using these they banished the Sarkic Capital of Adytum to a different reality), Spatial Manipulation and Power Nullification with reality stabilizing tech (The Church has access to technology that allows them to manipulate multi-dimensional spaces, and reality stabilizing technology nullifies abilities such as Reality Warping and Magic)

 Attack Potency: Town Level with war machines, potentially Hyperverse Level with certain artifacts (SCP-822, with enough anomalous artifacts attached to it, will become SCP-001 and grow powerful enough to consume entities such as the Factory and Wondertainment before recreating reality. Robert Bumaro, after drinking Gods Ichor, gained power comparable to Mekhane and defeated Grand Karcist Ion in combat.)

Power Source: Constructs made by the Church of the Broken God most usually utilize clockwork machinery, but some have been observed to use nuclear fission.

Industrial Capacity: The Church earns USD$1-5 billion annually, Church funding is drawn from the resources of its members and used to fund all internal expenses. The Maxwellist' use a massive online game to generate money.

Military Prowess: The number of soldiers, weapons, war machines, ships, etc. which the Civilization can employ in conflict.

Notable Individuals: Robert Bumaro (Leader of The Broken Church), Mekhane (Called 'WAN' by the Church of Maxwellism, the titular 'Broken God' of the entire religion and main focus of worship), SCP-001 (Shard of Mekhane corrupted by The Factory), Sister/Saint-Legate Trunnion (Patron saint of the Legates-Faithful of the Cogwork Orthodoxy, who handle Internal affairs/Inquisition/Courts system.), Saint Hedwig (Saint/Prophet/Member of The Hexagon, one of the six leaders of the Church of Maxwellism)

Weaknesses: The Church of the Broken God and it's splinter groups are extremely aggressive towards each other, and only work together when they are called upon to fight the flesh, their ultimate biblical enemy. The Cogwork Orthodox Church only uses analogue, steam and clockwork driven machinery and refuse to use more modern digital technology.

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