This feat was attempted to be calculated by fellow user Parzival-Bo although there have been a couple of flaws to the calc, I would like to fix that, TheRustyOne gave me this scan of the feat with better pixel measurements

The lightning takes about 1  frame of 1/30 s to go 464 pixels making the speed 13920 px/s and light goes at 21103.2 px/s, to get the speed of the lightning we multiply SoL by the ratio 13920/21103.2 so

299,792,45813920/21103.2 = 197747783.1 m/s HOLY CRAP!!!

That makes GV's lightning .6496156c or Relativistic+

Although we're not done yet, we have to find the exact timeframe.  Now the entire sequence lasted about 10 frames and Rusty found the height of the lightning to be 7.57551020408 m so to get the timeframe here is our calc:

10*(7.57551020408/670702509.7) = 1.129488871E-7 seconds

So with our exact timeframe we can get the AP of the lightning bolt:

(surface area of strike) x (density) x (voltage) x (time)

Rusty found the diameter to be:

1.24081632653 m which makes the radius .6204081633 m

with this in mind:

(.6204081633 m ^2)*pi*9.54 x 10^7 A/m2*1 x 10^8 V*1.129488871E-7 seconds=1302972383 J or 0.311417873566 Tons/8-C

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