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  • Hagane no Saiyajin

    I will use the feat here to reference:

    Black Star lifts a giant tooth from the Moon and throws it over, the volume of the tooth from the calc is:

    26.3142*20.3478*17.23 = 9,225.5636370348‬ m^2

    We will assume that the Soul Eater moon has the same density as our Moon or at least is make of the same material since it behaves exactly the same.

    Our Moon's density is 3340 kg/m^3 so when we multiply we get 30,813,382.547696232 kg or Class M lifting strength for Black*Star


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  • Hagane no Saiyajin

    So a little while ago Assaultwaffle made a calc for Cell's claim for Solar System busting although it can be more considered a low ball since he isn't clear on how much of the Solar System he would destroy.  

    But there are some references to use:

    From these references it would appear that Gohan would go first, then the Earth and then the entire Solar System.  We can use this for the calc:

    Now Earth has a GBE of 2.487e32 according to here, and for the quote of "Entire Solar System" we'll go with the radius of Neptune's orbit or the radius of the Ort cloud:

    Radius of explosion: 4,498,252,900,000 m (Neptune's orbit) + 147,860,000,000 m (Earth's orbit) = 4.6461129e+12 m

    Area of eplosion (omnidirectional) : 4 * 4.6461129e+12^2 * pi = 2.712622638e26 …

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  • Hagane no Saiyajin

    So fellow user Smashor try to do this but I found a couple of errors in his calculations.  I'm here to fix that.

    Here I noticed that the momentums of Copen and GV's ammo cancel eachother out so for here I will calculated the momentum and use that to find the mass and KE of GV's darts

    From measuring this distance and playing with frame by frame it takes 7 frames of 1/30s to go 165 px which means Copen/Acura's ammo is going at 707.14285714285714285714285714286‬ px/s

    Using the reference for lightspeed 21103.2 px/s the speed of the ammo is:

    299792458*707.14285714285714285714285714286/21103.2 = 10,045,684.791879904469464346639372‬ m/s or 0.03350879758249256713944533801238‬c

    For the mass of the ammo Copen is canonica…

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  • Hagane no Saiyajin

    Ghauri speed

    February 17, 2020 by Hagane no Saiyajin


    It take here about 27 1/60 second frames for the Motorcycle and Ghauri to go 680.01 px.  This means Ghauri is going at 1,511.13333333333 px/s.

    Now with our reference of 21103.2 px/s for Copen's laser this is what he get for speed:

    299792458*1,511.13333333333/21103.2 = 21,467,188.690138620367211291810405‬ m/s or 0.07160683371874091764914009881598c or Sub-Relativistic+

    Now for the KE he is producing he need the mass of Ghauri, although that isn’t given his originally was a professional ice dancer so we can assume that he has a BMI of an Olympic Ice Dancer which is 19.5

    Ghauri is canonically 1.7 m so:

    19.5 * 1.7^2 = 56.355 kg

    I know that for the feat here he is taller with armor but I’m assumi…

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  • Hagane no Saiyajin

    Copen Laser speed

    February 17, 2020 by Hagane no Saiyajin

    Previously we found that light in the GV verse travels at 6222 px/s however I have been told using this reference is calc stacking and it's inconsistent.  But there is hope because we have aonther laser for GV2:

    From taking pixel measurements here the laser goes a length of 351.72 px in 1/60 of a second when I played around with frame by frame:

    Taking this into consideration this makes the lasers in GV verse

    21103.2 px/s

    Gunvolts darts:

    Using frame by frame again it time up to 13 1/30 frames for the darts to travel 428.01 px.

    This means the darts travel at 987.7153 px/s

    Talk about snail's pace!

    So with our new reference this is how we find the darts' speed:

    299792458*987.7153/21103.2 = 14,031,503.419304254258194892790594 m/s or 0.046804057423300002…

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