Naruto dodged madara's head swing (so no light speed).

Madara's speed is 1703.7 mach according to a calc Gallavant did.

The calc is in the comments of this blog:

Madara's speed= 579258 m/s

Distance (madara's head swing) = 15 cm =0.15 m

time = distance/V = 0.000000259 seconds

The light fang follows madara's movements doing a circular motion ( so the further it goes from madara the faster it travels)

To find the speed of the light fang we need to find 2 things: 1. The distance between madara's head and naruto 

2.The angle of madara's head swing

Red line is 373 px and madara's height is around 1.81 m ,but he isn't standing straight so i assume that the red line is 1.7 m

Blue line = 204 px = 0.93 m ( i name this value R)

The angle of madara's head swing is around 90 degrees or π/2 rad 

Speed= S/t

S= a*R ( where a is the angle and R the radius of the circle ,check circular motion)

S = π/2 * 0.93 = 1.4601 m

V= S/t = 1.4601 / 0.000000259 = 5637451.7 ( mach 16580) which is Sub-Relativistic

And since naruto dodged the attack he should be on this level too.