Pain's casual shinra tensei

The 3 toads were blown out of konoha by peins shinra tensei.

For the low end of the calc i assume that the toads are 30 m tall:

Scaling them from the goliath toad ( a real life toad)

they are 100 times bigger than a goliath toad thus their volume is 100^3 bigger thus they are 1000000 times hevier,which translates to 3000000 kg each


The force required to blow them away is at least equal to their weight if not bigger.And the distance they where blown is 2500 m according to this calc

E=d*F=m*g*d= 3000000*10*2500 =75*10^9 J for each toad

Total Energy= 2.25*10^11 J (53 tons of tnt) city block level dc

For the high end i assume that they are 100 m tall:

They are 333.3333 times taller than the goliath toad which means they are 37037032 times hevier

which translates into 111*10^6 kg

E=d*F= 2500* 10 *111*10^6=2.775*10^12

Total energy =8.325*10^12 (1.989 kilotons of tnt) small town level

Sasuke's curse mark speed

Sasuke not only dodged the attack but he also saved naruto and sakura left them behind the attacker and all this while his attacker could not even react.

Sasuke's height =1.5 m

Distance between him and the attacker (who i forgot his name)=6.9 m

distance between the attacker and sakura and naruto=5.2 m

Speed of the attack=mach 1(340 m/s)

time the attack needed to reach saskura and naruto=Distance/speed of the attack=0.015 seconds

in this time sasuke traveled the distance between him and his teammates(1.7 m),5.2 to reach the attacker and 2 more to leave sakura and naruto behind the attacker.

Overall distance=8.9 meters

Velocity=distance/time=8.9/0.015=593 m/s (mach 1.7) (supersonic)