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Since i have seen this being calculated many times in a wrong way i decided to do my own version of it.

First let's settle the Timeframe

Going by my watch and my phone's timer the timeframe is 1 centisecond ( 0.01 sec)

Distance traveled.

Garou = 291 px = 1.77 m

Panel Height = 488 px

Object = 2atan(Object_Size/Panel_Height/tan(70/2))) = 44 degrees

Using this calculator  we get the distance to be 2.2 m

From the third image he managed to strike Garou 16 times.

I assume that for each strike his hand should travel 1 m

Total distance = 2.2 + 16 = 18.2 m

Speed = Distance / Time = 1820 m/s (mach 5.3) Hypersonic