Warning: I'm about to go in... stay if you wanna debate

From the looks of this I'm going to have to say this site doesn't agree with this statement  

Well I don't know but I've been encountering noob debaters on this on a consistent basis 

these are what the racked up to 

1.) "Kaguya is Large Planet Level" 

2.) "Kaguya ate far more chakra fruit than Momo and she has more chakra than everyone because chakra is derived from her" 

3.) "It wasn't just Momoshiki she was scared of, it was the whole Ootsutsuki clan" 

4.) "It took Naruto and Sasuke less effort to beat MomoShiKi, yet it was super strenuious for Naruto and Sasuke along with help from the rest of team 7 to be Kaguya and she was weakened" 

5.) My personal fav that even I used to use "Momshiki was killed by Boruto" ._. 

So if you agree just say so if not debate me but I will be debunking these points in order so first 

1.) "Kaguya is Large Planet Level" No doubt there confirmed everywhere basically, but this is in AP not Durability. Kaguya would be just planet level from what we've seen that's first things first what we already know. However data books say that Kinshiki is also planetary, and Momoshiki ate him. Some might say this is just a hyperbole. Even if it is, most Naruto god/tier characters are planet level. Toneri, who is not god/tier, is Planet-level. Naruto, in not even his strongest form, tanked a Planet-level attack at point blank range. Sasuke destroyed a meteor with a single Chidori. It’s not crazy to suggest that they’re planetary too, and as we know, Momoshiki definitely equal or more raw power as Naruto and Sasuke each. I'd say Momoshiki rivals Naruto and Sasuke without Kinishiki by himself easily. 

2.) "Kaguya ate more fruit and her chakra is the main source" to put it bluntly 1.) So did Momoshiki and 2.) No, No she is not 



Yea, this is just all I need here umm, Momoshiki did this to multitude of planets (Given)... This is debunked with this alone 

3.) "She was scared of the entire clan not just Momoshiki" 

Heh, mk so first no... 

Momoshiki is the suposed "superior" to Kaguya as proven with these  



"Kaguya's Immortality will outlast" 

Yea, no... Simply her being Immortal would never be enough like at all... First she doesn't have godly regen who's to say she doesn't suffer the same fate as Momoshiki should he recreate that Rasengan and send her sky high to oblivion. I mean look at Madara he said he was immortal too didn't he?  lol 

My fav "Boruto beat Momoshiki" 

1.) Naruto (Adult) Finger flicks Teen Naruto 

2.) Sasuke (Adult) SLAPS Teen Sasuke 

3.) Momoshiki DID NOT REGEN HE GOT A CHAKRA BOOST that fat ass did not give him health he gave him chakra even if you argue "well Chakra = Stamina" First that's only true in some cases if Sasuke ran from the HL to SV he would be fucking tired but wouldn't have spent chakra. It's only if the chakra is being depleted too much do you loose stamina, and second Stamina doesn't = Health I guess the point I'm trying to make here is that Momoshiki was just as battered if not more than Sasuke and Naruto and still was slapping it was a plan along with Naruto's remaining chakra to bring down a BATTERED Momoshiki  

So first... 


4.) Since it was sealed inside Madara, who has Indra and a little of Asura’s chakra, Madara now has most of Kaguya’s chakra combined. So even if you bring this 


One of the two is contradicting each other and basic scaling and feats imply that Sasuke's analysis is a little off not saying Madara > Kaguya 

But to be "far" greater? When a version of herself + Indra = Madara nearing her abilities. 

Also btw the reason Kaguya is brought back is because Zetsu forced her counciousness that was in the ten tails back to Madara's mind reviving her... Confirmation that Is the clear winner here as we have no evidence to assume Madara (Double Rinnegan Juubi isn't soloing Naruto and Sasuke seeing as they started to feel hopeless against Madara when he used IT.) 

Also who's knowledge are you trusting Teen Sasuke or Millions upon Millions year old photographic memory having Black Zetsu? 

Now in a 1v1 situation, Momoshiki might win, but I don’t know. I say this because in terms of raw power Momoshiki is superior, but it all comes down to whether All Killing Ash Bones is Ninjutsu, and whether it can kill Kaguya. I’m pretty sure it’s a ninjutsu, so Momoshiki can fire it back at her, but I don’t know if it’ll kill Kaguya. ALL KILLING ash bones implies that it can kill ANYTHING, but Kaguya is supposed to be immortal (assuming that immortal means actually immortal and not eternal).

This is all it’s gonna come down to, because in terms of taijutsu Momoshiki is far superior, and he can dodge/absorb anything Kaguya throws at him. Momoshiki can teleport dimensions just like Kaguya, and he has a few of his own too. 

 Sasuke is someone who has fought Kaguya before, and after fighting Kinshiki he told the Kages at the Kage Summit that they were in fact the greater threat the scrolls were talking about. Sasuke knows how powerful Kaguya is, and if he thinks that Kinshiki and Momoshiki are the ones Kaguya feared after fighting with them, then it might as well be fact.

Naruto and Sasuke’s improvement are hugely underestimated, and they have grown so much stronger since Shippuden.

Sasuke knew that “a threat greater than Kaguya” was coming, and whether she was referring to the entire Otsutsuki clan or just Momoshiki, Sasuke still had great confidence that he and the five Kage could beat this “greater threat”


So, let's see anyone wanna add? 

T̶h̶e̶ ̶G̶r̶i̶m̶R̶e̶a̶p̶E̶R̶O̶f̶J̶u̶s̶T̶I̶C̶E̶ ̶C̶L̶A̶I̶M̶S̶ ̶A̶N̶O̶T̶H̶E̶R̶ ̶V̶I̶C̶T̶I̶M̶

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