The purpose of this blog is to list and explain Doraemon’s abilities coming from his gadgets that can be used for battle AND have been used by him in battles in the series. I'll include pages, gifs and the likes for evidence where possible.

Note: Again, this list only includes gadgets he actually uses in combat and similar situations. Whether Nobita using Doraemon's gadgets translates into Doraemon himself using them will be case-by-case.


  • Chameleon Tea (C-1): By sticking close to a certain object after drinking this tea, the user does not only gain the colour of that object for camouflage but also that object’s characteristics for 15 minutes. E.g. sticking close to concrete pipe gives the user the colour and hardness of concrete. However, during this 15-minute period, the user cannot switch from the colour and characteristics of one object to the other at will.

Animal Manipulation

  • Momotaro’s Dango: Created based on the folktale of Momotaro, any animal (humans included) that eats this dango will listen to any order given by the one that feeds them the dango. It sometimes has a time-limit, but the time-limit varies between different storylines. Very often used by Doraemon against animalistic opponents.

Attack Reflection

  • Reflecting Cape: Manipulates waves to deflect all attacks, physical or non-physical, from the user. Can be used to send the attack back to the opponent. It can only reflect attacks coming from one direction.

Biological Manipulation

  • Operation Gloves (M-7): Allow the user to detach body parts of themself or another person without actually harming them. User of these gloves can detach eyes, mouths, arms and legs. User can also attach additional body parts to themself or others.
  • Daruma Mallet (M-32): Allows the user to detach parts of a living being’s body in similar fashion to the game daruma otoshi without harming the target.

Causality Manipulation


  • Doubling Hammer (M-27): A small hammer that divides a person into 2 people by knocking on their head. The copy will have a lighter colour than the original. Knocking the copy's head with the hammer will undo the duplication.
  • Shadow Ball (C-2): A ball that produces a bright light when thrown. Anyone's shadow produced from this light becomes 3-dimensional and tangible, and will do any tasks given by the real person. The shadow is completely identical to the real person in personality, so if the real person has a phobia of a certain thing, that same thing will also terrify the shadow who can even abandon the given task out of fear. The shadow is also identical to the real person in physical prowess, although if the shadow is larger than the real person due to the light being produced at a certain angle, the shadow will also be stronger due to its larger size. The shadow disappears after 30 minutes.

Element Manipulation

  • Air Cannon: A gun barrel worn on the arm that fires an air bullet when the user says "bang". Has varying powers between storylines, but at its weakest still can hurt beings with Doraemon's durability.
  • Bashou Fan: User can create strong winds that can send a human flying with little effort using this fan. A small flap can create a gust strong enough to send a person flying.
  • Shock Stick: A stick that mimics the appearance of the stone spear utilized by prehistoric humans. It is actually made of plastic and therefore lighter than the real stone spear. The handle has a button that when pushed projects electricity enough to make an elephant faint.
  • Freezing Fan: An electric fan that produces wind so strong and chilly it freezes water in seconds and can blow the ice into pieces.
  • Mini Thunder Cloud: A canister that store dark electric clouds. A small number of these clouds can release powerful lightning that can easily defeat an army of iron monsters.
  • Tornado Straw: Blowing through this straw allows user to create a small tornado that can send a person flying.
  • Freezing Gun: A rifle that shoots cooling liquid in the form of a beam, encasing anything it touches in ice. The liquid container can be broken to release a greater quantity of the liquid (which turns into gas form), allowing the freezing of larger surface area than the beam at a quicker rate.
  • Freezing Light: A flashlight that encases anything its light touches in a thick layer of ice.

Explosion Manipulation

  • Earth-Destruction Bomb (M-7): A nuclear bomb that can supposedly destroy a planet, although the exact degree of destruction is unclear. Only used by Doraemon when bloodlusted to the extreme.


  • Takecopter (or Bamboo Copter) (M-1): Allows the user to fly at a maximum speed of 80 km/h. While commonly attached to the head, it can in fact be attached to any part of the body.


  • Pocket Forcefield: A sphere that when activated creates an invisible forcefield 2 m in radius around the user. The only way for outer object to enter is the user allowing beings with certain characters in their names to enter. This forcefield is bullet-proof and can withstand the full-speed charge of a car without a scratch. As a gadget assigned to police officers of the 22nd century, it is likely that this forcefield can withstand the majority of weapons in Doraemon's arsenal, although whether it could withstand his stronger weapons such as Jumbo Gun, Flamethrower or missiles is unknown.
  • Water-proof Gas: Anyone with this gas sprayed on their body gain an invisible barrier that stops any contact with water. The effect wears off after 24 hours.


  • Fusion Glue (P-5): The user can combine with any animal they touch with the hand with this glue, gaining their special abilities. The user can undo the fusion at will.

Gravity Manipulation

Healing and Restoration

  • Restoration Ray: A flashlight that restores any broken object.

Homing Attack

  • Magic Lasso: A lasso that can reach any object the user thinks of. It can curve and bend to home in the target. Typically used for item-retrieving or rescuing missions, but can also be used to restrain opponents.

Illusion Manipulation

  • Pebble Hat (M-4): Wearer of the hat will be viewed by anyone else as a pebble, and thus ignored. The user is fully visible, can be heard or smelled, and can touch others normally, but as nobody bothers to give attention to a pebble, any of the user’s action will be completely ignored. This works to such a degree that user will be completely ignored by even the person that saw the user mere seconds before the hat is used.
  • Tanuki Set (M-7): A mechanical tanuki tail and a pair of glasses imitating the eyes of a tanuki. They allow the user to insert any illusion they desire into another person's mind. Can fool the target's senses of sight and smell.
  • Illusion Shower (M-10): Anyone coated in the water coming out of this shower head uses refraction of light. The user's actual body becomes invisible to another person's eyes, and refraction of light projects into their eyes the image of the user several meters away from the actual person. Using the shower again undoes the effect.
  • Scribble Pen (P-4): The user can fool anyone into thinking that the scribble made by this pen is anything it is written (e.g. drawing a circle with "vase" written in the center with this pen will make anyone seeing this circle as a vase). While the scribble can be easily wiped off, it is very difficult to know if it was the real thing by looking.


  • Watercycline (M-33): 1 pill turns the body into water, while 2 pills turns the body into vapour. Both states afford the user intangibility, and the vapour state also has pseudo-flight due to being extremely light. The liquid state can be absorbed, while the gas state can be blown apart by strong winds. In both states, lack of care means the user may lose the cohesion of their body. The effect wears off after 1 hour.
  • Phasing Gauntlet (Magazine): A gauntlet in the shape of a cone that allows anyone wearing it to phase through matter.

Instinctive Reaction

  • Denkomaru (M-11): One of Doraemon's most preferred close-ranged weapons. An electric sword that can predict the opponent’s movements and provide counter-attack. The sword acts automatically and guides the user's hand, and therefore the user's concentration is not needed. It can run out of batteries quite quickly, however.


  • Invisibility Cloak: Renders whatever it covers transparent. The invisible user can still be detected from his smell and sound. The effect can be undone by simply removing the cloak.
  • Invisibility Paint: Anything coated in this paint becomes invisible. This paint however can be washed away by water quite easily. Like the Invisibility Coat, it does not hide the user's smell and sound.
  • Invisibility Spray: Same as the Cloak and Paint.

Matter Manipulation

  • Stop Camera (M-29): Anything snapped by this camera will have their movements and thought process completely halted, a form of Molecular Immobilization. Using the camera on the same thing twice undoes the effect.
  • Pocket Traffic Light (C-4): The red light can completely stop any movement the user points the gadget at, having similar effect to the Stop Camera, although this gadget cannot stop a living being's thought process. Turning on the green light undoes the effect.
  • Nendoron (C-5): Sprinkling this powder on an object will makes that object soft and moldable, similar to clay. It can work on both living and non-living beings.

Memory Manipulation

  • Forgetting Rose (M-9): A rose that induces amnesia on whoever smells it. Can sometimes make whoever sniffs it forget even their own identity.
  • Dracula Costume (M-21): Donning this costume allows the user to transform into a small vampire that sucks memories instead of blood. However user will also have all vampire weaknesses.
  • Memory Stick (M-37): Allows user to erase the target’s memory of what happened in an amount of time chosen by the user. While the Forgetting Rose makes the target forget almost everything, sometimes even their own identity, the Memory Stick only erase the target’s memory of the events that happened during a certain time period that the user choose.
  • Memory Discs (M-39): User throws this disc toward the target head, and the disc will absorb the target’s memory, leaving the target in an amnesiac state with no recollection of past events, but still fully conscious. User can then choose to erase parts of that memory with a black marker or even insert false events. Throwing the disc toward the target’s head again, and that target will have no recollection of the events that got marked out and even register false events into their memory.

Mind Manipulation

  • Opposite Flute (M-1): Anyone hearing the music from this flute will do the complete opposite of what they intend to do.
  • Lying Beak (M-3): With this mechanical beak equipped, the user can tell the most ridiculous lie and others will still buy it, even if they know before hand that they would be lied to. User can tell a target they are someone else, or tell a pet that it should be the master and they would buy it without question.
  • Appreciation Microphone (M-9): User of this microphone can make others do what they says by simply saying the demand into the microphone. It can control at least 20 people simultaneously. The effect is completely undone if the microphone is removed from the user's hand.
  • Hypnosis Glasses (M-11): A pair of glasses that allow the user to hypnotise opponents and even themself through a mirror. If the opponent can’t hear the user’s command, the glasses don’t work.
  • Passport of Satan (M-13): When this passport is showed to anyone, they will simply let the user do whatever they wants, without any resistance.
  • Air Command Gun (M-34): The user can control a person by pointing this gun at that person while blowing into the gun's blow feature. Doing the same thing again undoes the effect.
  • Command Gun (P-2): Write a command into a piece of paper, put that piece of paper inside the bullet. Anyone shot with this bullet will do the exact thing written on the paper. It does not damage the target in any way and can work on animals as well.
  • Grateful Halo (P-3): Whoever with this halo floating above their head has the ability to tell others (not just humans but also animals) to do what they says. Even a single word spoken by the user of the halo can cause those that hear it to tear up, like hearing a moving, inspirational speech from a great figure.
  • Obedience Hat (P-5): A pair of hats consisting of the Master Hat and the Servant Hat. Wearer of the Servant Hat will absolutely obey any order given by the wearer of the Master Hat. While it is unknown whether the Master can order to Servant to kill themself, the Master can order the Servant to present themself as food for the Master. Once the Master orders not to remove the Servant Hat, only the Master or a third party can remove it. The hats also grant animals human intelligence and speech.

Pain Manipulation

  • Voodoo Camera (M-4): The Voodoo Camera is used to create an identical voodoo doll of a person. Simply take a picture of them using the camera, then the camera will spew out the person's voodoo doll. Any person can do various things onto the doll. Doing so will also affect the person in a similar manner, just like the art of voodoo.
  • Shadow Oil (C-3): By dropping this oil on the target’s shadow, the user can hurt the target simply by attacking the shadow. Any damage done on the shadow will reflect onto the target.


  • Head of the Gorgon (M-20): A robotic head that can petrify any living being touched by the light it emits. The petrification can be undone by pulling the snake on top of the head.

Plot Manipulation

  • Scenario Lighter (M-8): As long as this lighter is on, the scenario written on a piece of paper inserted into the lighter will play out. Shutting down the lighter even momentarily will cancel its plot manipulation power, however.

Portal Creation

  • Pass Loop: Placing this loop on the surface of an object will create a hole or passage way, depending on the thickness of said object. This ignores durability and does not damage the object the hoop is placed on. Can be used on living beings, as long as they are bigger than the hoop. Mostly used for infiltration, but has also been used in combat (examples below).

Power Mimicry

  • Kikai-ka-ki (M-29): A remote with 9 buttons. Each button can register the abilities of one machine, and by pointing the remote toward a person while pushing a button, that person will have the abilities of that machine registered within the button. One person can only use one button.

Power Nullification

  • Solidify Light (M-38): The light emitted from this gadget can turn intangible things (water, smokes, clouds, flames, rainbows, or energy beams) not only tangible but also frozen solid. e.g. If used on a flame, the flame not only becomes intangible but also frozen solid, unable to spread and can be broken. This gadget therefore can negate intangibility and immobilize said intangible being at the same time. However, the effect wears off after 5 minutes.
  • Folding Airport Runway (M-32): This mini airport will force all flying objects in its proximity to land in a fashion similar to a plane. This gadget therefore can disable Flight. However, user has no control over what will land.


  • Surukoto Lens (M-30): When the user points these lens toward a living being, they will show the visuals of what the target plans to do shortly after.

Probability Manipulation

  • Future Diary (M-16): Events written in this diary will become reality through a set of events. What was written cannot be erased from the diary, and the only way to prevent an event from happening is burning the diary.
  • Turnover Dynamite (P-3): Exploding the dynamite in the middle of a match or a dire situation, and it will manipulate events in a way that turns the table over.

Reality Warping

  • Lies-Reality Beak (M-4): A mechanical beak that allows anything spoken through it become reality. This includes giving a normal person super strength and the ability to fly, make things manifest out of nowhere, as well as making the target do what the beak's user wants.
  • Abekonbe (M-4): Anything touched by this arrow will have its properties becoming the complete opposite. e.g. a refrigerator will be hot instead of cold, a shaving razor will produce more hair instead of cutting it, a balloon will be heavy instead of light, etc. If used on a person, that person usually becomes an idiot. Touching the affected object with the other arrow end undoes the effect.
  • What-If Phone Booth (M-11): By speaking of a What-If scenario to the phone, the user can create an alternate reality that’s almost identical to the root universe, the only difference being the What-If scenario the user spoke to the phone. The one that spoke to the phone and anyone with prior knowledge of said scenario become singularities, meaning that there exist no counterparts of these people in this created reality, but their associates’ counterparts still know them fully. Scenarios can be as mundane as getting paid instead of paying when purchasing a good, or on a conceptual level, such as a world without sound, or one associated with magic instead of science. If the user speaks to the phone again and wishes for everything to return to normal, this reality will be cut from the root universe, existing as a parallel, separate universe, with the counterparts of their associates having absolutely no knowledge of them, as they never existed in this alternate reality in the first place. Note: This gadget is the reason Doraemon is Universe level+, but is not combat-useful and therefore SHOULD NOT be used to put Doraemon against other Low 2-C characters.
  • USO 800 (M-7): After drinking this potion, the opposite of what the user says will happen. While its limits are unknown, it has demonstrated the ability to change the weather (saying it'll be sunny results in a heavy downpour) and summoning someone/ something to gain an advantage (Nobita saying Jaian's mother won't be angry at him results in an angry Mrs. Goda coming to punish Jaian, or saying Doraemon won't ever return results in him coming back to Nobita's side).
  • Object-Hypnotising Megaphone (M-18): Through this megaphone user can "hypnotise" nonliving beings, and can change their properties as well as bystanders' perspective of them. e.g. a vacuum cleaner can function like a car and is a car from a bystander's perspective. User can change an object's properties to those of not only another object but also an animal. e.g. a book can fly like a bird.


  • Adaptation Light (D-4): A ray gun that emits a light that allows user to survive in harsh environments such as the deep sea, the cold glacier or outer space. It also allows user to breath in environments without oxygen. The effect wears off after 24 hours.
  • Hurricane's Compound Eye (D-10): A sticker in the shape of an eye. With this sticker on their body, the user becomes unaffected by storms and hurricanes, as they gains the properties of a hurricane's eye.


  • 2-D Camera (M-20): Anything that gets snapped by this camera turns into a photo, effectively trapping it. This camera works on both living and non-living beings. Pouring hot water on the photo will undo the effect.


  • Shapeshifting Medicine (M-34): Allows user to transform to any animal (humans included) with a thought. The more medicine consumed means the shorter time it takes to transform. Over-dose means the user will transform into the first animal they see and has no control over the transformation.

Size Manipulation

  • Small Light: A flashlight that shrinks down whatever its light touches. It has been shown in multiple storylines to be capable of shrinking down anything to microscopic size comparable to cells. While it does have a time-limit, the time-limit varies between different storylines, and if used should preferably be 1-hour, the most common time-limit. In combat, Doraemon often uses this gadget to shrink down opponents larger than him, completely nullifying their strength advantage via sheer size. The largest being this gadget has shrunk down is a 3-storey tall robot, and several storylines suggest that it does have a limit on how big the target is. This gadget has also been used on a group of multiple human-sized opponents, removing their advantage of number.
  • Big Light: Essentially the opposite of the Small Light. In combat, Doraemon uses this gadget on himself to turn gigantic, amplifying his strength to match beings his other weapons cannot match, or his Small Light cannot shrink down. His maximum size is approx 200 meters in height and allows him to blow up beings as powerful as Mafuga.
  • Mass-changing Light (M-26): Allows the user to change the mass of anything, living or non-living. In combat, this gadget has been used in conjunction with Dora-med III's wind manipulation to blow away opponents (by turning them extremely light) or to sink opponents into the ground (by turning them extremely heavy).
  • Halving Sword (M-43): This sword turns whatever coming into contact with its blade into 2 smaller versions that are exactly half the size and power of the original being without damaging it. This gadget therefore combines Size Reduction and Statistics Reduction.

Sound Manipulation

  • Sound Solidifying Medicine (M-12): Any word/ character spoken from the user’s mouth becomes tangible and solid and flies toward the opponent at the speed of sound. The solidified characters are not heavy but still can knock-out a normal human.
  • Sound Delay Candy (M-10): After eating 1 candy, anything the user says cannot be heard. After 10 minutes, anything the user said can be heard at the location the user spoke 10 minutes earlier. Every candy will extend the delayed time for 10 minutes. Feeding these candies to sound users can temporarily disable their sound-based attacks.
  • Sound Sealer (M-15): A gadget that can seal any sound coming to it into a can. A more effective variety of the Sound Delay Candy. Anyone that drinks from the bottle containing the sealed sounds will let these sounds out, with their mouth serving as a speaker.

Spatial Manipulation

  • Sinking Capsules: If a capsule is dropped at the foot of an object, the ground underneath that object becomes similar to a quicksand, and that object will sink into the ground and rendered immobile. The Floating Capsules are used to undo the Sinking Capsules' effect.
  • Sinking Powder: Beings covered in this powder gain the ability to swim in ground or wall. Can be used for infiltration purposes. Often used by Doraemon on enemies with Large Size, effectively turning the ground below them into bottomless swamps that swallow them.
  • Flattening Steam Iron: Anyone and anything coming into contact with this steam iron gets completely flatten but unharmed. Getting sprayed by water undoes the effect. The target simply becomes a life-size poster of themself, unable to move and as light as paper.
  • Flattening Needle: Same function as the flattening steam iron.
  • Space Glue: Allows the user to glue any object or living thing in the air.

Statistics Amplification

  • Super Gloves (M-1): Amplify the physical strength of the user. User can easily lift a tree and effortlessly swat away warriors, or completely demolish a car with a single kick.
  • Fast Pills and Slow Pills (M-5): Manipulates the speed of the consumer. Consuming 4 Slow Pills can make a normal person slower than a snail. It slows down not only movement speed but also thinking and processing speed. The Fast Pills have the opposite effect. Both kinds of pills have a time effect of a few hours.
  • Lung Amplification Device (M-45): A gadget that amplifies the lung capacity, allowing the user to store more oxygen in their lungs to float easier in water. The enhanced lung also allows user to send people flying by just talking
  • Sturdy Pills (P-2): Makes the user’s body as hard as iron, completely unscratched by someone capable of breaking concrete pipes with a single chop. The effect wears off after 10 minutes
  • Judo Black-belt (M-5): Wearing this belt makes the user automatically judo-throw anyone that touches them. It also enhances the user's physical strength, as a 4th-grader can throw a car while wearing this belt. User will however have no control of it and can even throw allies if they touch the user.

Status Effect Inducement

  • Mini Rockets (M-20): Small rockets (about the size of a bottle) that do not inflict damage but instead induce uncontrollable laughing or itching, as well as explode mud.
  • Dream Gun (M-20): Anyone shot with this gun will fall into a short slumber in which they will dream about having their task completed. Upon waking up, under the impression that they have finished the task, they abandon the actual task still unfinished.
  • Silly Time Bomb: A lime-sized bomb that can attach to a person it's thrown to. Once the bomb reaches the time set by the user it will explode, but instead of damaging the target it makes them behave in very silly manners for a few seconds, such as singing, dancing and farting like a drunk fool.
  • Laughing Flea: A robotic flea that makes anyone it clings to laugh uncontrollably.
  • Shock Gun/ Stun Gun: A gun that shoots a laser beam that can shock/ stun/ mildly burn enemies. It does not work on the undead.

Technological Manipulation

  • Genius Helmet and Technology Gloves: A set of gadgets that allows the user to remodel, modify, hack and reprogram machines. The Genius Helmet allows the user to see the components of a machine through X-Ray, eliminating the need to disassemble. It also sends signals to the user's brain, instructing them what to do in order to modify said machine. The Technology Gloves contains all functions of a tool box, allowing the user to disassemble machines with ease. With these gadgets, in at most a few hours Doraemon could modify a remote-control toy tank to a real tank (albeit the same size) with the ability to fly, survive in space, and fire laser discharge.


  • Telekinesis Eye-drops: Allows the user to lift objects using telekinesis. Using more of the eye-drops allows the user to lift heavier objects with less efforts, but also leads to the user being unable to control the power, telekinetically lifting everything in sight just by opening their eyes.
  • Esper Cap: A cap that grants the user the abilities of teleportation, telekinesis and seeing through objects. Teleportation is spammable, and all 3 powers can be used simultaneously as long as the user has strong willpower. Has been used in combat by Mini Dora, a mini robot created based on Doraemon, and therefore having very similar personalities. It is thus possible for Doraemon to use this gadget in combat, further supported by Doraemon himself using telekinesis before.


  • Mind-Reading Helmet (M-39): Allows the user to hear the thoughts of others. It does not work on unconscious people. The thought of the target is not simply transmitted to the user's brain but spoken out through the helmet's audio feature, and therefore both the user and the target can hear this thought.


  • Esper Cap: Explanations above
  • Anywhere Door (M-6): A door that allows the user to go anywhere they wish. User simply needs to think of the destination while holding the door handle and the door will open to said destination. Mainly used for travel, but in one storyline it was used by Doraemon to escape from being sealed. It cannot reach places 10 light years away from Earth, and if the user is in the past, the door cannot be used since the door's computer system does not have data about the location in this time period.

Time Manipulation

  • Time Cloth (M-2): A piece of cloth with a red side and a purple (sometimes blue) side, both sides decorated with clock patterns. Depends on which side is used, anything this cloth covers is brought to its previous or later stage in time. An object covered with the blue side will be brought to its previous stage in time, allowing Age Reverse and Healing. Covering something with the red side, on the other hand, will bring that being into an older state, essentially Age Acceleration. This gadget therefore allows Age Manipulation, Healing, and Restoration. It usually takes no more than a few seconds to revert a 10-year old kid to a baby, and in a storyline, takes at most an hour to restore a fossilized plesiosaur egg that is 100 million years old. A living target's mind is not affected.
  • Time Machine (M-1): Allows the user to travel to any places in the past or the future. Can move both in time and space. However, it can’t go to a future further than the 22nd century, presumably because it was created during that period.
  • Time Watch (M-8): Allows the user to slow down or accelerate the passage of time. Its limit is unknown, but it is shown to be capable of slowing down the passage of time 100 times. It can only affect the time of an area similar to a room. The user is unaffected.
  • Evolution-Devolution Radiation Source (M-8): Somewhat similar to the Time Cloth, but instead of bringing the target to its previous or later stages of time, this gadget brings the target to its previous or later stages of evolution. User can devolve or evolve a living being with this gadget. If used on technological devices, this gadget simply turns said device into an earlier or later model.
  • Time Belt (M-17): Wearing this belt allows user to travel back in time. However, unlike the time machine, the Time Belt doesn't allow user to move in space.
  • Time Stickers (M-23): Whoever has this sticker will have their time slowed down or accelerated by 3 times. Someone with the Fast Sticker will have their time 3 times faster than the flow of time. The Slow Sticker has the opposite effect.
  • Time-stop Watch: Allows the user to stop the flow of time completely, with only the user able to move in stopped time. User can also allow certain things to move in stopped time by touching them with the watch. The only way to let time flow is to click the watch again. The watch malfunctioning does not undo the time stop.
  • Human Remote Control (M-32): Allows the user to accelerate, stop, or reverse the actions of anyone the user points the remote to. However, a mirror can reflect the effect back to the user.
  • Time Pistol (P-2): Anyone and anything shot by this gun will be removed from the time stream for a time period set by the user. After that set period of time, the shot target returns with absolutely no recollection of the events during that time period and will only continue what they were doing before getting shot. As the pistol shoots a ray that covers the entire target and removes said target from the time stream, it does not damage the target in any way.
  • Time Bin (M-36): A bin connected to the space-time continuum. Anything tossed into this bin gets sent back in time.


  • Material Flashlight (M-13): Can reduce anything to its original ingredient/ material for 30 minutes.
  • Material-changing Light: Allows the user to transmute the material of something into something else, while retaining its visual appearance. For example: paper can be turned into glass, cars can be turned into paper. Breaking the device does not undo the effect. It is also only shown to work on non-living beings.
  • Homophone Flashlight: A flashlight that can turn anything it shines on to something the user thinks of, as long as the names of the 2 things are similar. For example, a spider (クモ, kumo) can become a cloud (雲, kumo), or a flower (花, hana) can become a nose (鼻, hana). The size of the transmuted object does not change (e.g. a cloud can become a spider, but the spider's size remains the same as the cloud's). The effect can be undone by pressing a specific button on the flashlight.
  • Magic Show Stick: A stick that can transmute what it touches into harmless magic props. Only shown to work on non-living beings.

Vector Manipulation

  • Direction-Control Machine (C-6): Any target locked into this machine's memory system will follow the path drawn by the machine. It can apply to not only living things but even atmospheric phenomenon (storms), although to control such a large target a weather map is required. The machine can only control one target at a time.

Vibration Manipulation

  • Quake Paper (M-34): A sheet of paper that produces vibrations similar to earthquakes. The intensity of the vibrations can be adjusted.

Weather Manipulation

  • Weather Box (M-6): A machine that can change the weather to the user's desire. User simply needs to insert a card with the picture of the desired weather conditions to activate the machine. However, it will only work correctly if the card set that comes with it is used, as when a drawing of the sun was inserted into the machine, it created a rain of said suns (solid, acting similar to shurikens) instead.

Willpower Manipulation

  • Determination Spear (M-43): A toothpick-size spear that strengthens the willpower of anyone it stabs into. The stabbed person feels no pain from this.


  • Toy Troop (M-4): A troop of minuscule (knee-height) robots resembling toy soldiers, with 1 commander and 4 soldiers armed with rifles. Despite their size, they pack a serious punch, as their tiny rifles are in fact laser guns that can give serious burn to a normal human and reduce a baseball to ash. Once given the order to protect the user, the soldiers will rain laser on anyone and anything posing a threat toward the user. In fact, they can be too effective, as they will shoot anyone and anything even attempting to approach the user or showing the tiniest hint of hostility. They also chase after the target until that target is confirmed shot. Once they give chase, not even the user can order them to stop.
  • Robotic Boxing Arms (M-6): A pair of robotic arms that can be attached to the user's shoulders, acting as an extra pair of arms. They automatically protect user from attackers using boxing techniques.
  • Jumbo Gun (M-7): A gun that can one shot a tank
  • Swapping Rope (M-15): If 2 people come into contact with different ends of this rope, their identities and powers will be swapped, although their consciousness about their own identities remain the same and still stay in the original bodies (they will only feel like they have become the other person, and only outsiders will mistake their identities).
  • Invisible Hand (C-1): An invisible robotic arm that can be attached to any place of the body, and can extend for 10 m.
  • Spring Spray (C-1): Anyone sprayed with this gas can bounce off from physical attacks without getting hurt, just like a spring. A human sprayed with this gas can jump from a multiple-storey building and bounce between buildings without getting hurt, although the user will have no control over the direction and cannot stop unless they land on an area soft enough. Spraying this gas on the environment essentially alters it into something akin to a trampoline or a jumping castle.
  • Glue Gun (D-7): A gun that shoots out a strong adhesive that restrains movements of anything shot by it.
  • Other Weapons: Besides named weapon-type gadgets listed above, Doraemon also possesses a number of guns and even missiles of different types. While missiles have never been truly used, his guns have been shown to be at least as strong, if not vastly stronger than modern conventional firearms.
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