The Calc (WIP)

All the basic information has been covered above. 

Using that information, the explosion yield is 4420000 megatons . The blast is only 50% of the energy, so 4420000(0.5) = 2210000 megatons.

This equates to 2.21 teratons, Low 6-B

Note: I wouldn't have to chop half the energy off if it was a nuke, but I don't know what it is so I just used the above values.

Different Gravity

Apparently, the gravity is 960x Earth's.

Finding the gravity

The planet's mass is 4.8 trillion teratons, or 4.8e27 (4.8 octillion) kg.

a = GM/r

gravitational acceleration (a)

radius from the planet center (r)

planet mass (M)

G is the universal gravitational constant

a = G(4.8e27kg)/5850km

a = 9358.8954635108 m/s²

9358.8954635108 / 9.807 = 954.3x Earth's gravity

Finding the density

From Newton's gravitational law:

D = m/v

D = 4.8e27kg/4π(5850km)³

D = 1.908×10^6 kg/m³

Final Result

Inlcuding the gravity, 2.24tT(954.3²) = 2.036 exatons, High 6-A

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