The feat

At the end of Izuna 2, just before unlocking the final dungeon, the leader of the enemy gods, Abyss, flies into a rage as all his subordinates get defeated and he causes an earthquake. The quake in itself isn't particularly strong, as there was only minor damage to buildings, but it happened across the entire region the game takes place in.

When he generates the earthquake, Abyss is located at the very bottom of that ravine on the map (with the red circle). The quake is felt enough to be noticed by everyone, even in the village on the far left.

Izuna map 2

The goal is to determine Abyss' AP from this

Attempting to calculate the feat

I went on the Earthquake Calculations page and tried to use what was indicated in the Alternative Method section.

Looking at the Mercalli Scale, the most accurate would be Level V Intensity, as the strength of the quake wasn't big enough to cause big damage on buildings, but big enough to be clearly felt by everyone in the region. The Magnitude at Distance would then be 5.

This is the trickier part, the distance or r. The map in Izuna doesn't have a fixed scale, as notable locations are zoomed in/augmented to allow better view, but all the forests and mountains are zoomed out/shrank to allow space for the important locations. Especially since the 4th location from the left is a tiny little village when you're in it, yet is made seem big on the map

As a reference for the mountain range's width, I took the relatively small Balkan Mountains which have a width ranging from 15 to 50km. Looking at the map, if we were to make a straight line to the west village, it wouldn't go through the narrowest part. To make it fair without being unreasonable, I'll take a width of 25km.

With a mountain range of 25km in width, a plain, one small forest, one big forest, one large town, one small village and all the roads that connect them, I think reaching a distance of 50km from the ravine to the most-left village is reasonable.

And so, I start the calc:

For r < 60km: Richter Magnitude of Earthquake = (Magnitude at distance) + 0.0238*r = 5 + 0.0238*50 = 6,19

Richter Magnitude to Energy, Case 3: 101.5*(Richter Magnitude)+4.8 = 10(1.5*6,19)+4.8 = 1.216186x1014 Joules

Final Tally

Abyss' Attack Potency = 29.07 Kilotons of TNT (Town level)

I hope I did well. First calc I'm doing

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