It seems to me that the Baldiverse is in need of an upgrade.

This calculation determined 1st Prize's AP to be 18,323.2985681 joules, and Baldi's AP was calculated to be at least 137424.730 joules due to him one-shotting the Player (Baldi's Basics), who can take 1st Prize's charge with absolutely no damage whatsoever. However, a calculation was never done on Gotta Sweep, who is much stronger than 1st Prize and can push him out of the way. Technically, Gotta Sweep can overpower him, the player, Baldi, Arts and Crafters, Playtime, and Principal of the Thing all at once, as he has been shown overpowering all of them on separate occasions and has been shown to be capable of overpowering multiple characters simutaniously. It doesn't even slow him down.

According to Buttersamuri here, a giant sock of A&C's size should weigh about 9.07185 KG, and a giant pushbroom of Gotta Sweep's size little more than 1.247379 KG, which can be confirmed by looking at the weight of a pushbroom only one foot shorter in height here, which weighs 2.75 pounds or exactly 1.247379 KG, and taking that into account and adding it and the weight of two adult men (Baldi and Principal), which would each be 62 KG according to this, and two kindergartners (player and Playtime), which would each be 20 KG according to this, when combined with 1st Prize's already established weight of 334.192852 KG gives a total weight value of 508.512081 KG. running that weight through Baldi's speed of 14.1704 meters per second, which Gotta Sweep is comparable to, gives us this: 0.5(508.512081) * 14.1704^2 = a KE of 51054.673 joules, which would be Gotta Sweep's total AP since he's the one overpowering all the others and it doesn't slow him down at all.

Principal, Baldi, Arts, 1st, Playtime, and the player can all scale their durability from this due to being completely unharmed by it. Baldi would have an AP of 382910.048 joules, more than two and a half times what it was previously estimated at (137424.739 for one-shotting the player who can survive 1st Prize's above mentioned AP), since he can one-shot the player. This would nearly triple Baldi's AP, give GS an actual AP value, and give all the mentioned characters nearly triple the durability they were previously estimated to have. Everyone would still be 9-B, but this could help them in future fights, and likely result in many previously concluded match results being removed from Baldi's profile or re-done, since he was previously thought to be very weak for a wall level character. He still wouldn't be particularly high into 9-B territory, but it would still be much further than before.

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