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Today I feel we must reflect something important: The energy needed to destroy a timeline. Yes. The whole thing. All in one go. Not spacelines, not bloodlines, and certainly not ley lines.

I will calculate the energy needed to destroy it, Because as we all know, we are the smartest people when it comes to physics, chemistry, and the rest of the sciences. If Hawking was alive today, he would be amazed at our calculations. I was inspired by this because I decided reading brilliant stories with absolutely no fanservice or offensive moments like Monster Girl Quest (The best verse actually) and Fate was too boring for this wiki, and we must do something more important, hence the infallible math you will see before you.

The Calculation

I learned in a PBS documentary I watched as a kid that Black Holes are big, scary, black, and warp space-time, so let’s use the schwarzsaishfauihfichild radius formula, as that means all spacetime would be warped across the universe.

M = (Rc^2)/2G (I will not tell you where the formula comes from, go Google it)

According to this source the entire universe after expansion is 1^10^10^122 meters, or 1E+12200 meters

Using the formula


= 2.999181981651909937385E+12206 kilograms

Now to find the mass energy

c^2 = 8987551799359874724

So 2.999181981651909937385E+12206 kilograms * 8987551799359874724 m/s^2

= 2.69553034158033379374E+12225 joules

And so obviously, this is the number needed to destroy a timeline.

But wait! This is taking into account *3rd dimensional joules*! This is obviously a low ball. A 'very low' lowball. Time is 4th dimensional (and thus infinitely above the 3rd dimension) according to my college educated knowledge of the sciences and your inner Einstein (I'm sure he's right, he always is). In higher dimensions, everything is infinitely larger. So volume in the 4th dimension is radius^4, and the temperature in four dimensional spring would be degrees^4. For higher dimensional water, it uses volume^2.

That means we must square the mass.

It was 2.999181981651909937385E+12206 3rd dimensional kilograms, now, since this is higher dimensional mass, I will square it, or 8.9950925590654774363048470858313E+24412 square 4th dimensional kilograms

8987551799359874724 * 8.9950925590654774363048470858313E+24412

= 8.08438603146375519435E+24431 4th dimensional joules^2

And so, given that means it’s higher dimensional joules, that’s the energy to destroy a timeline. I hope today's science on Apr 1st has educated you on this subject.

By the way...

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