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The main goal of this thread is to catalog any major feats Superman to help newcomers see which feats are consistant and which are PIS/Outliers

Feel free to comment on any feats and sources, and I'll add it to the timeline.

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Adventures of Superman (volume 2) was an ongoing comic book featuring Superman stories by many different creative teams. All the stories are intended to be "continuity free" and do not fit into the canon of any of the mainstream DC universes (Prime EarthNew EarthEarth-One or Earth-Two).

"Superman's strength levels have fluctuated throughout his career, but he has never had the unlimited power of the Spectre or other magical beings. There are always weights he can't lift, enemies he can't outrun, or puzzles he can't solve." | Superman: The Ultimate Guide to the Man of Steel, 2013






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Golden Age Superman Family Earth-Two

Golden Age

Silver Age

  • See Silver Age Kal-EL below. 

Modern Age

  • Infinite Crisis Vol 1 #1 December 2005
    • Kal-L breaks the dimensional barrier.
  • See Post-Crisis Kal-El below.
  • Convergence: Action Comics Vol 1 #2 July 2015
    • Possibly 4-B | Scaled | His punch makes Red Son Wonder Woman bleed.

Silver Age Superman Family Earth One

Tier Tally

Tier 2: 2

Tier 3: 3

Tier 4: 5


  • Comparable to the original Captain Marvel, who has defeated the Invincible Man.
  • Far more powerful with the Sword of Superman
  • He has thrown spaceships to another galaxy.
  • He has picked up and thrown neutron stars.
  • A sneeze from PC Superman destroyed an entire solar system.
  • PC Superman was so powerful that he could easily move a star with just his breath.
  • He could close a Boom-Tube with his bare hands.
  • He was able to eat molten metal.
  • PC Superman toyed around with an enraged Hulk like he was a child in a crossover.
  • He could move the entire Earth like a ping-pong ball.
  • He was able to fly at such speeds, that he could enter hyperspace effortlessly.
  • PC Superman was so powerful that he could alter time itself without even trying.
  • He was able to travel trillions of miles in seconds without exerting any effort at all.
  • He easily threw a neutron star several light years away. He claimed that the star weighed Trillions of tons and that it exerted a magnetic pull greater than dozens of Supernovas, but this didn’t affect him in the slightest.
  • PC Superman threw moon-sized balls of ice at the Earth when all of its oceans had been dried up.
  • He was able to fly through the time barrier and go millions of years into the past on a whim.
  • While PC Clark Kent was in disguise, he was confronted by the Joker who released an enormous amount of his laughing gas. Superman was able to inhale all of the gas before it contaminated anyone without laughing.
  • PC Supes brushed off the explosion of a nuclear warhead which could have vaporized the entire East coast.
  • PC Clark could move so fast that he appeared invisible.
  • With the sword in his hand, Superman's cape deflected the most powerful blast that King Kosmos could muster. It was a blast that could have altered reality itself, yet it was blocked by Superman’s clothing.
  • Superman (after nearly killing King Kosmos out of anger) decided that this sword, which was present at the dawn of time, could not be controlled as a separate entity, so at this point, he actually started to merge with the sword. Superman remarked that it had power which he had never felt. Before Superman completely merged himself with infinity (the sword), he stopped just as he got to its hilt, and decided that he no longer needed to merge with the sword, so he threw the remainder of it into deep space. The reason for this is that, in the midst of fusing with the sword, he heard a godly voice (either Jor-El or God himself), and this voice spoke of Superman's greatness.
  • “Your greatness among living things is assured. So shall it EVER be”. Had Superman merged with this sword, he would have become one with all of the universe.
  • PC Superman displayed his super-intellect by learning a long dead, yet incredibly sophisticated language (which he had never heard before); instantly.
  • PC Supes caught meteorites and moved around planet-sized asteroids effortlessly.
  • Not even the Flash was swift enough to punch PC Superman.
  • The Guardians sent Superman on a special mission to preserve the Galactic Balance of Nature. Superman was not at full power during this event, as the part of the Galaxy he flew through was full of red stars. Despite this, Superman was still strong enough to make a small planet by fusing meteorites together and then proceeded to move it.
  • Superman intercepted a bomb that was meant to destroy the Earth and wasn’t harmed at all.
  • A Supernova only dazed Superman for a microsecond. He then found himself in an unknown solar system and proceeded to drill his way to the center of a planet.
  • PC Superman could actually create a tiny version of himself, an avatar so to speak, which was endowed with all of his powers (but he loses his powers if he does so).
  • Superman one time defeated the Galactic Golem. The Galactic Golem is the monstrous result of Lex Luthor’s attempt to create life by collecting galactic matter into the form of a man. Infusing his creation with a hunger for the hyper-stellar energy that made its creation possible. During this battle, Superman uses the Golem’s own energy-radiation to speed up his vibrations and shift every living thing on the Earth to another dimensional plane.
  • Superman balanced a replica of the Empire State building with just his pinky.
  • Superman’s Fortress of Solitude contained an entire solar system that he created by himself.
  • PC Kryptonians could travel between universes at will.
  • Superman and Power Girl easily defeated creatures that had conquered entire worlds.
  • Maaldor, a powerful cosmic being who had existed for billions of years and conquered an entire universe, referred to Superman and Power Girl as the two most powerful beings in the multiverse. He tries to kill Power Girl, then Superman fought him, narration stated that Maaldor shrugged off attacks that could reduce a planet to rubble, and replied with attacks that had been used for just that purpose. Superman was fine, and it turned out that Power Girl survived.
  • Superman and Power Girl tricked Maaldor into confronting his own soul which caused him to self-destruct and create an entirely new universe from the remains of his energy. Superman sealed off that universe from the rest of the multiverse with his heat vision.
  • A rogue Superboy robot grabbed Superman and flew him thousands of miles into space in a fraction of a second, then flung him faster than light across the solar system. He couldn't turn around until he reaches Uranus, but he still got back in only a matter of minutes.
  • Superman contained a nuclear bomb with his cape.
  • Superman contained a supernova explosion.
  • Easily survived a 10 megaton bomb.
  • Was only knocked back slightly by a gravitational force that could move a planet.
  • Used some extra energy to reignite a dying Sun.
  • Casually flew past galaxies in seconds.
  • Superman turned a diamond into a piece of coal by altering its molecular pattern.

Post-Crisis Superman Family and Enemies

The Death and Return of Superman (December 1992 - January 1993)

Hunter/Prey (April 1994 - June 1994)

  • Superman/Doomsday: Hunter/Prey Vol 1 #1 April 1994
    • 2-C | Boomtube Amped Doomsday survives Emanation Darkseid's Omega Beams and defeats him.
  • Superman/Doomsday: Hunter/Prey Vol 1 #2 May 1994
  • Superman/Doomsday: Hunter/Prey Vol 1 #3 June 1994
    • Doomsday breaks Superman's arm.
    • Unknown | A Boomtubed Superman in the God Sphere is weaker than Doomsday, barely damages him, and relies on the Mother Box to send Doomsday away.
      • According to the writer Dan Jurgen,
        • This Doomsday was a multi-dimensional threat. 
        • Darkseid was never set up to be the all-powerful type of being. To me, Highfather was always set up to be the more powerful, omnipotent sort of being than was Darkseid. Darkseid had power in that he was able to control people around him. People were terrified of him. Darkseid is far less powerful than Superman-that it is Darkseid's political machinations and his dangerous mind that makes him a threat to Superman, not his power. He states Darkseid is powerful in a galactic sense. 
        • Superman's abysmal performance against Doomsday is because of his morals limiting himself. If Superman ignores morals and cuts loose in his first fight against Doomsday, Superman would have done better. Superman and Doomsday were roughly equivalent in terms of power in Hunter/Prey. Superman and Doomsday are above Darkseid.

Zero Hour

  • Zero Hour Vol 1 #0 September 1994
    • Supposedly, Superman contributes to 1/5 the energy of the Big Bang in Zero Hour.
    • The Ray, Darkstar (Donna Troy), Captain Atom, and Kyle Rayner absorb the plasma energy universe Parallax created, absorbing most of Parallax's energy.
    • Superman, Captain Atom, Darkstar, and the Ray send energy into Waverider who channels it into Damage. After, Spectre channels more energy into Damage, and a new Big Bang occurs.
    • Nothing states that Superman is contributing equally. Captain Atom and Spectre, Universal characters when not holding back, are contributing as well.
      • So yeah, it might have been The Spectre who actually created the Big Bang proper in the end, and not Superman. There's just not enough evidence that he himself contributed a whole 20% of the Big Bang's energy and not commonly stronger characters like The Spectre.
      • While they did contribute a lot of energy to starting this Big Bang, it was actually The Spectre who actually initiated the event.
  • Action Comics Annual Vol 1 #7 November 1995
  • Doomsday Annual 1995
  • New Gods Vol 4 #10 August 1996 to New Gods Vol 4 #11 September 1996
    • Unknown | A boomtube amped Superman and Orion are shown fighting S'ivaa
    • This is the same S'ivaa who could destroy existence with his dance.
      • Highfather said it's his dance which will destroy all existence, not his physical power.
      • This is further cemented by what is said at the beginning of the next issue: S'ivaa must be between Apokolips and New Gensisis to do his dance in a place where it can destroy existence. He may tear space-time around usually, but this is where he must be to destroy everything.
    • When Superman was fighting S'ivaa, with that large tear, that this was gradual and over time the tears in reality will grow larger. This is clearly over time.
    • It's not shown that Superman and Orion were actually damaging S'ivaa or being directly hit by S'ivaa throughout the fight. S'ivaa is simply swatting flies, and Superman and Orion's power aren't even phasing him.
    • They did not defeat him through their power alone. They managed to trip him up while he was off guard and launch him into the Source, where he died.
    • S'ivaa's destruction feat was over time and under special circumstances, and regardless his fight with Superman and Orion can be best described as swatting flies with him not really putting his all in damaging the two. He was killed by being tripped up in his own tears in space-time and being pushed into the Source. Superman does not scale to this existence destroying.
    • S'ivaa ripping space-time in unquantifiable, and technically even a black hole rips through space-time. Superman easily fixes it all the same with his heat vision so it's not too impressive
  • Wonder Woman Plus Vol 1 #1 January 1997
    • Not a Speed Feat | Wonder Woman did not move into the Speed Force. Christina has used the scroll to open a magic portal to the Speed Force. After a brief monolog telling how she will pull Savitar out to screw up his plans of being one with the Force, she enters the portal. Jesse gets back the scroll, but only after they both have reached terminal velocity, a near "tipping point" speed where they both are a hair's breadth away from never coming back. Wonder Woman runs through the portal and Lassos Jesse in an attempt to slow her down and talk sense into her.

Doomsday Wars

Dominus Effect

  • Action Comics Vol 1 #753 April 1999 , Superman: The Man of Tomorrow Vol 1 #13 March 1999
    • At least 4-B | Scaled | Superman absorbs energy from the sun. Superman battles the Justice League, Orion, Big Barda, Superboy and Steel after flying near the sun to dispose of Earth's nuclear weapons under Dominus' influence. He takes a blast of Astro-Force from Orion. Even with the element of surprise they barely managed to subdue Superman after a difficult fight and Kyle had to synthesize Kryptonite in order to defeat Superman. Superman stated after the fight that without his close exposure to the sun that the League might have killed him.
  • Superman: The Last God of Krypton June 1999
  • Superman: The Man of Steel Vol 1 #89 June 1999Superman: King of the World June 1999
    • After achieving the Theta State, Superman fought and overwhelmed Dominus, who created his own Phantom ZoneThe Phantom Zone is described as a boundless dimensionless dimension between being and nothingness and it resides within the Sphere of the Gods, described multiple times as a Platonic, archetypal world, beyond the Bleed, which contains all dimensions, in which there are an infinite number of. The Phantom Zone exists at the same level as New Genesis, which is beyond the bounds of space and time. The Phantom Zone also exists at the same level as Heaven, which is beyond space and time and contains Platonic shapes.
      • Replication a dimension in a lower dimension does not make said person of a higher dimension.
    • Superman with the usage of Torquasm Vo fights evenly with Dominus
    • This is quite honestly one of Superman's most overhyped cases of scaling and I constantly see this as "proof" for him being multiversal.
    • In #89, Superman uses Torquasm Vo for the first time and fights off Dominus
    • He would use it again in Superman: King of the World, to finish off Dominus once and for all.
    • Superman Vol 2 #139 October, 1998
      • Dominus is a multiversal reality warper who has extremely high power over manipulating space-time it seems. | 
    • Superman: The Man of Steel Vol 1 #83 September 1998
      • Dominus can manipulate Superman's realities.
    • Adventures of Superman Vol 1 #561 September 1998
      • He also managed to fight and give Kismet, a cosmic entity, a run for her money.
    • So this seems all good and all. Guess Superman is multiversal for fighting this reality warper then? Case closed...
    • Wrong. There is MUCH more to Dominus' powers than what I mentioned. I will go over it.
      • It is not like Superman was faring well against Dominus' powers
        • Action Comics #747
          • He was completely fooled by it at times
        • Adventures of Superman #567 and Superman Vol 2 #139
          • Superman is blatantly beaten down hard by Dominus
      • Dominus' hax in question isn't a universally applicable multiversal reality-warping ability, and it is very selective.
        • It takes by taking Superman's subjective thoughts and dreams and creating a reality out of it. This reality is extremely realistic, down to the smallest detail, and everything works as it should be.
        • Also, most majorly, Dominus' hax requires conscious minds to create and warp realities of. His multiversal reality-warping relies on his target openly leaking their thoughts and conscious.
        • He uses this to temporarily fight Dominus while he is asleep
        • If the mind is in an unconscious "theta" state, his powers become completely nullified and about as useful as throwing balls of wet tissue paper at Superman. Superman would train to go into this "Theta State" and master the technique known as Torquasm Vo.
        • And doing this, as I showed in the actual fights above, Superman renders Dominus' hax moot and Dominus must resort to his physical prowess. And how is he with that? Well, that leads me to...
      • We have no proof that Dominus is nearly as strong physically than with his reality-warping
        • Action Comics #754
          • It is revealed he is a magician, no fighter, who in fact lost his physical body becoming the reality warper he is
        • While he absolutely stomps and toys around with Superman when he uses his reality-warping attacks, any time he may be physically fighting Superman leads to more even results
        • This can be seen in Man of Steel #89:
        • and it can also be seen in Superman: King of the World, where again Superman does better against Dominus physically until he starts using his hax
        • With this all said, let's look back at Superman's final fight with Dominus in Superman: King of the World
    • On Pages #40-42, we see that the whole fight and "shattering realities" and any brawl is literally just a mental duel between Superman who is now ultra-alert using Ultra Instinct Theta State and equally capable of using Dominus' mental hax and rendering it useless. Superman's multiversal reality-warping was useless due to its weakness here. There is no multiversal feat here when the multiversal feat was incapable of happening to begin with.
    • Dominus' physical body is not too corporeal and tangible and is literally made of souls. He deems actually doing a physical bout instead of using his illusions and reality-warping not to be the proudest moment, going by how he states how he will beat him on his level. This means Dominus is going to be fighting Superman in a very nerfed state (He is an illusionary reality warper with no tangible body) and Superman, on the other hand, will logically when using Torquasm Vo not have any mental blocks and thus should be at his peak.
    • If you look at the fight, Dominus was actually beating out Dominus in the end. Yes, even when weakened without his strongest abilities and having to rely on his physical body which he is not even made to use, Superman had to rely on tricking him and using the realism of Dominus' illusions to his advantage and BFR'ing him to the Phantom Zone. Superman, later on, confirms he was not doing so great against Dominus and likely would have lost.
    • CONCLUSION: Dominus' hax draws on the thoughts and dreams of conscious but unalert minds. Those are who are susceptible to his illusions and reality warping. An unconscious mind, one in the "Theta State," will not have such weakness and his hax will be massively weakened to rendered completely useless if fighting such a mind. Superman activated the "Theta State" using Torquasm Vo which let him gain a more even footing with Dominus by removing all limiters Superman would logically have and by forcing Dominus to his far inferior physical state. However, despite this, Dominus still edged out over Superman in the fight and Superman as forced to outsmart Dominus and use his reality-warping against him to win. Superman does not scale to Dominus' reality-warping at any point prior as he was always at the mercy of it and never actually directly combatted it head-on without being in the Theta State which as noted prior renders Dominus' illusions as sturdy as wet tissue paper.
    • Unknown; Unknown; Breaks Dominus' alternate realities and resists further attempts at reality-warping
      • Fights Dominus
        Dominus has shown no proof that he is as physically powerful as he is with his reality-warping hax
        Dominus’ hax, while having the potential for reality warping on a multiversal scale, relies on manipulating the conscious mind of his target and forming a reality from it
      • Superman throughout most of the Dominus Effect was at the absolute mercy of Dominus’ reality-warping
      • Dominus’ hax, due to being based on making reality from one's conscious mind, is nullified and rendered useless those who fight unconsciously
      • Superman underwent training the Kryptonian art of Torquasm Vo, which brings him to the Theta state, and unconscious state explicitly made to cancel Dominus’ reality warping. Superman “breaking” realities were him breaking through illusions which were absolutely no use to him, not literal universal realities
      • Superman using Torquasm Vo would logically have his mental blocks and limiters removed, and thus would be at full power. Dominus is unable to use his reality-warping against the unconscious mind and thus resorts to his physical prowess, which again has no proof to being nearly as potent as his hax. Despite having the odds stacked upon him, Dominus still overpowered a full-powered Superman in the brawl and Superman reported to strategizing and tricking Dominus into the Phantom Realm
      • In conclusion, Dominus always stomped Superman when his multiversal hax was involved and he showed absolutely no proof to being physically universal. His abilities will never work on targets with passively unconscious minds such as Superman using Torquasm Vo, who also logically was full-powered and unbounded from mental limiters. Despite being monumentally weaker without his reality-warping, Dominus still was winning the fight against Superman and Supes had to resort to tricking Dominus into the Phantom Realm. Superman did not actually overpower Dominus’ hax at any time until when he was in a state of mind Dominus’ hax is explicitly useless against.
    • It is not an outlier, I have read the stories and Superman didn't actually successfully beat Dominus through his own power. He tricked Dominus into using his reality-warping hax against himself and thus being sealed in the phantom zone.
    • Dominus' hax is multiversal but in a very limited and specific fashion. He draws off conscious minds and creates realities based on that, based on the thoughts, fears, and feelings of his target. Assuming his target is unconscious, the hax means nothing and the reality-warping is about as useful as wet tissue paper. It was through Dominus' reality-warping and his jobbing/arrogance/need to lure out Kismet that he didn't simply kill Superman then and there, but it was still established he was vastly incomparably more powerful than him. He also wasn't more powerful than Kismet; had he met Kismet head-to-head she would erase him from existence. The problem was he couldn't find a way to reach her and so he relied on Superman to lure her out and catch her off guard, which he did. In fact, he wasn't physically taking her down, he was siphoning energy from her, showing again he wasn't yet as powerful as her and sought her power in the first place.
    • Regardless, even when depowered, his hax being useless, and Superman being amplified with his limiters broken with Torquasm Vo, Dominus was still stomping Superman and Supes had to rely on the vividity of Dominus' reality-warping to create a phantom zone projector and BFR him.
    • So in conclusion, Dominus' reality-warping is conditional and did not apply to the situation, and Superman did not even defeat him through brute force/power and was overall much outclassed by him. I would suggest a bigger outlier being able to punch out Mordru in Final Crisis.
    • So yeah, Superman does not scale to Dominus' multiversal reality warping.
  • Superman: The Man of Tomorrow Vol 1 #15 September 1999
    • Superman allegedly smashes Neron's endless Illusions/Realities
    • One thing I must note is that first off, Superman during this story is in Hell, where he has no physical body, or rather his physical reality is all a matter of perspective and easily manipulated by Neron’s illusions
    • Because his physical reality is a matter of perspective and as manipulable as a dream, Neron has complete control over Superman’s perception of physical reality, constantly shifting it based on Superman’s dreams. Superman has no physical control over this, and he only has his mind existentially with him.
    • So when Superman was breaking through these “realities,” he isn’t doing this with his physical strength, as his physical strength is existentially null in Hell
    • And lastly…. These aren’t realities at all, as I have made clear. They are merely illusions. They are all just figments of Superman’s mind.
    • And to further prove this, notice in the original scan that Superman puts these “realities” in quotation marks? That’s because he literally confirms these are illusions in the same scan used to justify him “breaking realities”
    • So in conclusion for this feat, these “realities” were subjective worlds created by Neron manipulating his dream, and are effectively just illusions. Superman would not even have a physical body to physically break them, so this had to be a mental battle and more so showed Superman’s mental fortitude in the face of advanced reality warping illusions, and not some "multiversal feat" for him.
  • The Power of Shazam! Vol 1 #46 February 1999
  • Action Comics Vol 1 #759 November 1999
    • Superman takes hits from Strange Visitor
    • This is Sharon Vance's first appearance. Superman was trying to chase her down and he took some hits from her.
    • She has the powers of Kismet; however, she was not in complete control of her powers. It is doubtful that even if her powers are based on emotions that she did a full-powered focused attack on Superman.
  • Superman Vol 2 #153 February 2000
  • Superman Y2K
  • JLA Vol 1 #40-41 May 2000 
  • JLA Vol 1 #41 May 2000
  • Adventures of Superman Vol 1 #581 August 2000
    • Torquasm Vo and Rao
  • Action Comics Vol 1 #770 October 2000
    • Unknown | Superman flies through Emperor Joker's body and out his head and gets knocked into space by him.
    • Emperor Joker throughout the story was completely toying and messing around with Superman. He never seriously tried to kill him without simply reviving him to continue torturing him
    • In this story, Superman was shown to be killed by Joker destroying the universe. He was then revived as a dog by Joker
    • The two reasons Superman was not instantly erased and consumed by the Joker's madness was because Superman had the strongest will and sense of purpose and sanity according to The Spectre and that Emperor Joker was letting him live just to torture him and he could instantly erase him in the blink of an eye so he wished
    • Superman did not really hurt Joker at all when he tore through his head. As with Soulfire Darkseid, Joker was maddened and in shock from Superman's audacity to attempt to fight him. Joker did not instantly kill him as a response; no, he simply started toying and torturing Superman, intentionally not letting him die.
    • Superman did not even physically beat Emperor Joker; he outsmarted Joker which led to his defeat.
    • If he was physically 5D imp level, that would be inconsistent with the constant plot point that Superman is physically infinitesimally flat in comparison to the likes of Mr. Mxy
  • Superman: Lex 2000 January 2001 
  • Superman: Lex 2000 January 2001
  • Superman: Where Is Thy Sting? January 2001
    • Mind Manipulation Resistance | Superman resists the manipulations of an avatar of Death.
    • Superman survives the Big Crunch of the universe and punches Death
    • Superman allegedly pushed through the barriers of space and time, and then defeated the embodiment of his own Death, who caused the universe to compress on Superman, only for him to overcome it.
    • The description of the universe’s death was nothing like the big crunch, but more similar to a Heat Death, which would merely give Superman resistance to entropy, which is consistent to Our Worlds at War
    • Superman is faced with the reality of his own (and ultimately everything's) death. As this reality fills his waking consciousness and ultimately is embodied in death itself, Superman is incapacitated by his fear until Death literally shows him his own death at the end of the universe. However in doing so, Superman also sees his afterlife. An afterlife in which he is joined and comforted by his one true love, Lois Lane. Lois Lane reveals to Superman that his "belief" in her love, their love, transcends death. And that through that belief he is set "free" from death. Thus the title "Where Is Thy Sting", a reference to the passage in the Bible in 1 Corinthians 15:55 where Paul expounds on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ:
      "O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?"
    • What Superman's mind can do in the dream world doesn't directly scale to the physical world. Otherwise, Batman would be 4-B by dreaming/willing to be a Kryptonian under the same Mind-Matter dream context.

Our Worlds at War (August 2001-October 2001)

Doomsday Rex

Infinite Crisis

Death of the New Gods (December 2007 - June 2008)

  • That characters are equalized with the size of Fourthworld when going through a Boom Tube and that to their perspective they are performing tier 5 to 4 feats
  • Grant Morrison has some interviews where he discredits Death of the New Gods' canonicity, calling them apocryphal. It is likely referred to as an alternate Superman.
    • He was writing Final Crisis and they forced Death of the New Gods to be produced to tie in with Final Crisis against his best wishes and they contradict all of his works, when asked about why Superman didn't remember the events in DotN, Grant said because the entire ending parts of it were just apocryphal accounts. Plus there is a whole slew of inconsistencies in DotNG with Final Crisis. Lastly, IDK if this is true, but I was told Starlin portrays Fourth World as just weird alien planets that are Earth+ sized, not the size of large stars like the calc assumes.
      lemme find it
    • Superman plain doesn't remember the events in that story. Should immediately show how non-canon it is.
    • Metron died on-panel in DotNG. He is alive in the Final Crisis.
  • Death of the New Gods Vol 1 #2 December 2007
    • On New Genesis, the Superman and Orion exchanged punches and are described by Mr, Miracle to be evenly matched.
  • Green Lantern Vol 4 #25 January 2008
    • At least Low 2-C | Superboy punched through an injured and weakened Anti-Monitor
    • Superboy easily kills other lanterns
    • Low 2-C | Superboy survives an exploding Guardian.
  • Countdown Vol 1 #13 January 2008
  • Death of the New Gods Vol 1 #5 March 2008
  • Justice Society of America Vol 3 #13 April 2008
    • Herakles/Hercules makes Superman bleed.
  • Death of the New Gods Vol 1 #7 May 2008 | Casual
    • 5-B | Has hit hard enough to shatter planets
    • Superman is shielded from the Source Wall explosion
    • Superman was Boomtube Amped 
      Superman was shielded by a light prison made by Infinity Man which he was unable to escape from. The barrier shattered and took most of the brunt of the explosion when the Source Wall exploded
      Superman, even when shielded, was knocked out cold for a good several minutes to an hour
    • Superman is affected by a pan-dimensional breach. 
  • Superman Vol 1 #675 June 2008
    • TBA | Superman fights a galactic Golem.
    • Superman smashes through several planets
  • Death of the New Gods Vol 1 #8 June 2008
    • 2-C | Scaled | Boomtube amped Superman survives the blast from Soulfire Darkseid and "The Source" fighting. Superman punches through a distracted Soulfire Darkseid
    • Superman said several times he was absolutely insignificant in the face of Soulfire Darkseid, even comparing himself to Darkseid as Green Arrow would be to Superman himself
    • The only reason Superman decided to fight Soulfire Darkseid was that he doesn't want to be completely useless here and at least do something to slow down Darkseid
    • Darkseid was off guard when hit by Superman and was only shocked by Superman being there and Superman's audacity to even attempt such a suicidal attack
    • Darkseid explicitly stated that he was not trying to kill Superman, and was just torturing him with his energy blasts. Superman took nowhere near the full force of Darkseid’s power.
    • At least 4-B | Direct | Was right in the center of and survived the collision and fusion of Apokolips and New Genesis Likely Boomtube amp. | Calculation
  • Trinity Vol 1 #5 July 2008
  • Trinity Vol 1 #2 June 2008
    • 4-B, Stellar | Direct | Throws a compressed solar system - mass is unclear, we do know however that it was compressed since it came from a compressed universe (at least in the context of the story it makes sense), the extent is unclear. The solar system later returned to its natural universe.
    • Calculation

Final Crisis (July 2008 - March 2009)

Reign of Doomsday (March 2011 - October 2011)



Base Tier Tally

Tier 2: Direct: Scaled: 

Tier 3: 4 in Final Crisis: Superman Beyond Storyline

Tier 4: Direct: Scaled: 

Post-Crisis Doomsday


Doomsday after being killed by Superman, adapted to become even stronger. Now has in-battle adaptation and evolution. Reign of Doomsday Clone's Feats are included because same circumstances led up to their birth.





Power he only had because Brainiac was in his mind


A Doomsday that evolved to the pocket universe it was trapped in, gained hatred for other Doomsday's and everything related.

Doomsday Rex

A Doomsday revived by Lex Luthor with intelligence.




Kal Kent

New 52 Superman

Rebirth Superman

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