Flamethrower Ultra-Robot Melts and Blows Away Multiple Buildings

Takes place after Jack Training to Jump Good Samurai Jack Episode 18

The Flamethrower Ultra-Robot easily destroys three buildings in a row before unleashing an attack that destroys multiple buildings at once.

Before Flame 2
After Flame 5

Previous Calculation

New Calculation

The Ultra-Robot isn't to scale with the destruction in the after photo. The position of structures in the before picture do not match the position of the remains in the after picture.

If we based buildings size from only the second picture's 16px, they would be 3-5 m wide.

Image 1 Meters Pixels
Ultrabot Head Width 0.66394 17
Base Building Width 20.58214 527
Image 2 Highball Average Lowball
Meters Pixels Meters Pixels Meters Pixels
Base Building Width 20.58214 99 20.58214 120.375 20.58214 158
Blast Diameter 373.5970261 1797 276.4803355 1617 187.1932606 1437
Hemisphere Volume (m^3) 13651452.37 5533008.913 1717272.653
Air Density (kg/m^3) 1.225 1.225 1.225
Air Mass (kg) 16723029.15 6777935.919 2103659
Average temperature (Kelvin) 293.15 293.15 293.15
Steel Melting Point (Kelvin) 1643.15 1643.15 1643.15
Temperature increase (Kelvin) 1350 1350 1350
Specific Heat Capacity (J/kg*K) 717.8 717.8 717.8
Energy (J) 1.62E+13 Low 7-C 6.57E+12 Low 7-C 2.04E+12 8-A

At least 8-A Multi-City Block Level

Likely Low 7-C Small Town

If we take into account that the attack also blew everything away, the result would again increase.

Samurai Jack's Speed and Moving a Gauntlet

Samurai Jack: Season 3, Episode 8


Jack and Glass Dome of Death. Jack casually reacts and dodges sunlight.

I made GIF where I highlighted feat specially for You :

Ok, let's extract 2 following frames.

Looks like Jack traveled roughly the same distance as light. Let's find out the exact ratio between Jack's and sunlight's speeds. A little bit of Paint will help us with the ratio.

So, when I connect these 2 pictures, I get this one.

Let's get our ratio.

Multiplier = 398 / 508 = 0.7834645669291339 ~ 0.8Jack's combat speed and reactions

Jack's speed = 80% of lightspeed = Relativistic+

Attack Potency

Samurai Jack dodges multiple light beams from the Sun.

The calc itself has been done with a result of 80% the speed of light and accepted. This is kinda calc scaling, but there's another aspect of this that we can add; relativistic kinetic energy. The average weight of a Japanese man is 67.6kg.

T = 299792458 X 80/100 = 239833966m/s

Putting that through the RKE calculator and we get 4.044E+18 joules or 966.539196941 megatons. Seeing as though he's wielding a giant golden gauntlet bigger than himself, this would certainly be higher.

Darkanine said:

I did a calc of this feat involving the Gauntlet awhile back to celebrate Season 5. Here's a do-over.

Assuming Jack is 1.7 Meters, that would give the gauntlet a diameter of about 1.08 Meters and a length of 0.9 Meters.

pi × r2 × h

pi × 0.54^2 × 0.9 = 0.824 m^3

Using Density of Iron (I forgot if it was said to be a certain material)

7,874 * 0.824 = 6488.176 kg

It's not completely solid, so I'll use 80% hollowness.

6555.176 - 80% = 1311 kg

1311 + 67 = 1378 kg (I think Jack has an official weight that's over 100 kg, but I forgot the source).

Samurai Jacks Relativistic Kinetic Energy = 8.243E+19 Joules. 19.7 Gigatons = 6-C Island level


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