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Gamma Gun is Light-speed

The Gamma gun literally shoots Gamma Radiation. That's light-speed.

Energy Weapons are Light-speed

Energy Weapon Descriptions and Mods:

  • Beam splitter
  • Beam focuser
  • Fallout 3 Research Note: "Power drawn from Micro fusion Cell is processed through a Wave/Particle Diverter (manuf:Gen Atomics Intnl)." "Precision-cut lenses focus optic energy. Lenses are prone to damage and can grossly affect precision of the firing weapon's firing mechanism. Lenses are easily replaced with any clear glass, but require a great deal of skill to fabricate."
  • Fallout 3 Citadel Entry: "The AER9 features a titanium housed crystal array which proved to withstand long years of exposure to the elements much better than the gold alloy housing of the later models. As a result, the crystal arrays stayed focused within operating parameters, rather than falling completely out of focus like the newer models.
    As with all energy weapons, the AER9 can suffer from poor performance if not properly maintained. The crystal arrays and non-mechanical components are delicate and if not properly serviced can lead to a loss of beam intensity, overheating, and energy regulation failure."

Energy Weapons Aren't like Plasma Weapons:

  • Fallout 3 Research Note: "The Plasma Rifle, like the Laser Rifle, uses a micro fusion cell as its power supply. It taps into the cell, essentially a small fusion reactor, to produce a toroid of plasma that is ejected down a superconductor barrel. A typical micro fusion cell can supply the rifle with around eight shots. Further research needs to be done to determine exactly how the plasma retains its density while traveling through the air toward its target."

Properties of Energy Weapons in Fallout 4:

  • Energy weapons travel faster than ballistic weapons
  • Energy weapons don't transfer any kinetic energy

Requirements that are met:

  • The beam refracts in a new material, such as a liquid or... (The focusing lenses and crystal arrays within the weapon)
  • It is stated to be made of photons or light itself, again by a credible scientific source (Related mods; Gamma wave emitter, Photon exciter)
  • It has its origin at a realistic source of light, such as a camera (Power drawn from Micro fusion Cell is processed through a Wave/Particle Diverter; Light is considered both a wave and particle.)

Nuke Payloads

Davy Crockett and Mini-Nuke



It was one of the smallest nuclear weapon systems ever built, with a yield between 10 and 20 tons TNT equivalent (40–80 gigajoules).

Big Boy


The Big Boy with the MIRV mod can launch 12 Mini-Nukes at once.

Using the Davey Crockett to scale, the yield is at least 120 Tons of TNT.



Megaton Nuke