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Alien X Statements and Scaling (Accepted)

  • August 31, 2008 - X = Ben + 2
    • Serena: We are one of the most powerful beings in the universe.
    • Bellicus: Because we are the most deliberative.
    • Serena: We're the most powerful being in the universe. We change the very nature of space and time.
  • October 10, 2010 - Map of Infinity
    • Azmuth: If Aggregor can reassemble the map, he can travel to the forge of creation and gain the greatest power in the universe.
    • Azmuth: He already has. He erected a chronal randomization barrier that hides the forge of creation from everyone except the forge's inhabitants and whoever has the map.
  • November 12, 2010 - The Forge of Creation
    • Azmuth: Trivialities. While you did it about saving mere planets Aggregor obtained the means to travel to the forge of creation and obtain the greatest power in the universe!
    • Azmuth: It could work. Alien X can do anything.
    • Ben: This is bigger than you and me. The whole universe is at stake.
    • Bellicus: And?
    • Gwen: You can start by telling us what the forge of creation is.
    • Paradox: It is the source of the universe's greatest power. It's where ideas become real.
    • Azmuth: The forge of creation is where Celestialsapiens, like Alien X, are born.
    • Paradox: Aggregor intends to absorb the abilities of a newborn Celestialsapien. Should he succeed, he will become omnipotent.
    • Paradox: That's because it's enclosed by a chronal randomization barrier. It is out of sync with all time and, without the map of infinity, totally inaccessible. Unless, of course, you're me. Inside this hidden nebula is the birthplace of a bouncing baby Alien X. And while it is a truly adorable creature.
  • Ben 10,000 Returns
    • Professor Paradox: As Gwen guessed, cross-time is made up of parallel versions of the history we know. There are hundreds of them. A world where Gwen found the Omnitrix. A world where Albedo turned to Alien X and was trapped motionless for nearly a year. A world where you didn't have to destroy the Omnitrix to defeat Vilgax. Et cetera. Ad infinitum. These worlds are all every bit as real as our own, but they must not be allowed to leak into ours. Which brings us to our problem.
  • October 27, 2012 - So Long, and Thanks for All the Smoothies
    • Ben: Wait. The universe really is being destroyed?
    • Bellicus: Must they make so much noise?
    • Serena: It is futile but a bit sad to see them go.
    • Ben: Belicus, Serena, you got to let me use Alien X to stop the Annihilarrgh! Hey, I finally said it.
    • Bellicus: Oh, it's too late for that.
    • Ben: What? I-it can't be!
    • Serena: I'm afraid it is. Oh, I can sense your disappointment.
    • Ben: Disappointment?! That's the universe! It's everything I know! It's everything there is!
    • Bellicus: Was.
    • Serena: Technically.
    • Ben: But Alien X can fix this, right? Right?!
    • Serena: Alien X can do many things. We just both have to agree to it. Bellicus.
    • Bellicus: Serena. Fine, but the next time the universe and everything in it is destroyed, don't come crying to me.
    • Ben: I know, right? I was too late to save the universe, so I used Alien X to make a whole new one.
  • January 19, 2013 - Ben Again
    • Professor Paradox: Oh, my apologies. I can see I have you at a disadvantage. Or I will have had you at a disadvantage. Time travel makes verb tenses so confusing. I am professor Paradox, for ironic reasons we needn't go into. Ben, a word. I'm not sure how much time we have, so listen carefully. Eon wants nothing less than absolute power over everything all timelines, all alternate realities everything.
    • Eon: You are a timid fool, Paradox. Just because you never took full advantage of the Chrono Navigator's power doesn't mean I shouldn't.
    • Professor Paradox: Yes, but in anyone else's hands but mine it could cause irreparable damage to the time-stream or destroy all of time and causality itself. In any event, I couldn't possibly give you the Chrono Navigator even if I wished to do so, because I don't have it.
    • Eon: Hmm. No, you don't, do you? You are many things, Paradox, but a liar you are not.
    • Eon: Merely the key to dominion over all space and time. And thanks to you, It is now mine! [ Laughs evilly ] It's amazing. Every time-line, every alternate reality, I can see them all and they're all mine!
    • Gwen Tennyson: The holes in time... They're not closing!
    • Eon: What is this, Time Walker? You tricked me!
    • Professor Paradox: On the contrary, I warned you. Stop this now or all of existence will be destroyed!
    • Eon: No! If I cannot rule the Cosmos then I will be the one to destroy it! Aaah!
  • 13th September 2013 - Q&A With Matt Wayne
    • Q: If Serena and Bellicus agree, is Alien X omnipotent?
    • A: In this universe.
      • As all Celestialsapiens are born in the Forge of Creation that is outside the branching timelines, he is referring to the Ben 10 verse as a whole.
    • Q: 2. Like actually omnipotent? They can do ANYTHING they want if 2 out of 3 personalities agree?
    • A: Yes, but usually they're deadlocked, one to one.
  • October 6, 2014 - And Then There Were None
    • Paradox: Fair enough. But before I can answer any questions, you're going to need to brush up on quantum mechanics and string theory. There are many dimensions, many Universes, many Earths, and thus many Ben Tennysons across those dimensions, dimensions which are not always in sync in time.
    • Paradox: Think of time and space as this tree. Down here is when you were 10 years old. Right here is now. Up here is when you'll be 30 years old. The trunk is the main timeline. These branches represent alternate timelines, where reality literally branches off and becomes a different timeline, each containing its own Ben Tennyson.
    • Vilgax: Not just a bomb a Chronosapien time bomb. [ Bomb ticking ]
    • Eon: You're going to destroy this Ben 10 and his timeline? - Nice. -
    • Vilgax: On the contrary, the detonation won't even touch this Ben Tennyson or his timeline. It's designed to wipe other timelines from existence.
    • Eon: Which one?
    • Vilgax: All of them. [ Laughs evilly ] Only this timeline will be left intact, while all others will cease to exist, so every Ben Tennyson not from this timeline will be destroyed.
  • October 15, 2014 - Universe VS Tennyson
    • We all know that Celestialsapiens change the universe as often as my client changes his shirt. Okay, bad example, but my point, and I do have one, is that Celestialsapiens change the universe all the time. Even First Thinker Azmuth's voice and appearance has changed on at least three occasions. For all we known Celestialsapiens are out there changing the universe at this very moment. I put it to you ladies and gentle aliens and not so gentle aliens, is it right to hold one scrawny little human responsible for the misdeeds of an entire species of omnipotent beings? I say nay. Nay I say. Now the magic happens.
  • October 17, 2014 - Weapon XI: Part 2
    • Ben used Alien X in Part 1
    • Servantis: With that weapon on his wrist, he can turn into a Tokust'ar or perhaps even a Celestialsapien. This grimy child could one day just wish everything out of existence.
    • Servantis: You think this omnipotent monster is the good guy.?!
    • Kevin: I know it. Ben's the greatest friend I ever had.
  • November 14, 2014 - A New Dawn
    • It appears that Ben has more control of Atomic-X while also sacrificing Time Manipulation abilities.
    • A single Time Beast egg is capable of powering up a Time Cycle to the level where it can go back even before the creation of the universe.
    • Young Vilgax: I have the tech you need, but why should I help you?
    • Maltruant: I assume a Chronosapien time bomb would be payment enough?
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  • May 6, 2018 |

Way Big Lifts the Hyperspace Jump Gate (Not Evaluated)

Ben 10 Alien Force War of the Worlds Part 2 Material: Neutronium carbon alloy

Most iron alloys are steels, with carbon as a major alloying element. It should be noted that High carbon content makes an alloy very brittle and not useful directly as a material except for limited applications. Considering the jump gate is made of neutronium carbon alloy and that the Hyperspace Jump Gate was unable to be damaged or even scratched by simultaneous attacks from Murk Upchuck and his allies, it shouldn't have a high Carbon content.

Carbon steel is a steel with carbon content up to 2.1% by weight. 

The carbon in typical steel alloys may contribute up to 2.14% of its weight.

Cast iron is a group of iron-carbon alloys with a carbon content greater than 2%. Carbon (C) ranging from 1.8 to 4 wt%

Pig iron has a very high carbon content, typically 3.8–4.7%. Brittle.


4×10^17 kg/m^3

1.1e+12 kg/cm^3



3.7e22 kg to 1.026e23 kg

Subtract 2% for Carbon Alloy: 

3.626×10^22 kg to 1.00548*10^23 kg

Potential Energy:

Ben 10 Hyperspace Jump Gate Pixels

320 px = 4.49 m

238 px = 3.3394375 m

PE = mass*gravity*height

Mass = 3.626×10^22 kg to 1.00548*10^23 kg

Gravity = 9.8 m/s^2

Height = 3.3394375 m

PE = 1.1866624368×10^24 to 3.2905828652×10^24 Joules

High 6-B to 6-A

Large Country to Continent level

Way Big Destroys a Planet (Not Evaluated)

Ben 10 Cosmic Destruction

  • Psyphon: Earthlings may have actually had a chance at discovering life on that planet since it was so close to their solar system. Oh, well. Too late now! (Evil Laughs)
  • Evil Way Bad: Those primitive bacteria's lives lost matter not to me. Their world was merely in my way.
  • Psyphon: Of course, Master. At least Pluto will pose no such concern for you. That planet has long since been destroyed.
  • Evil Way Bad: Pluto was never really a planet.
  • Psyphon: Some consider it was.
  • Evil Way Bad: But I do not!
  • Psyphon: Then it is not, Master.

Considering the description, an estimate would be the closest planet to the solar System, Proxima Centauri b. I don't think it's Eris as Way Big doesn't correct Psyphon about it being a dwarf planet unlike Pluto.

Without the inclination of its orbit known, the exact mass of Proxima Centauri b is unknown. If its orbit is nearly edge-on, it would have a mass of 1.27+0.19
−0.17 Earth masses. Statistically, there is a roughly 90% chance that the planet's mass is less than 3 M (Earth masses).

The planet's exact radius is unknown. If it has a rocky composition and a density equal to that of the Earth, then its radius is at least 1.1 R. It could be larger if it has a lower density than the Earth, or a mass higher than the minimum mass.

For calculations, Earth would would be a comparable substitute.

Eris Scale:

Way Big Calculation

Earth Scale:

Planet Radius: 72 Pixels
6371000 Meters
Blast Radius: 381.26 Pixels
33736214.72 Meters
Mass: 5.97237E+24 Kilograms
Time: 2 seconds
KE: 8.49668E+38 Joules

Ascalon Destroys a Planet

Alien X Moves Galaxies (Accepted)

So Long, and Thanks for All the Smoothies


Radius (Meters) Light Years Meters
Between Galaxies 2.5 Million 2.37E+22
Observable 46.5 Billion 4.40E+26
Universe High 1.32E+50

According to the theory of cosmic inflation initially introduced by its founder, Alan Guth(and by D. Kazanas[24]), if it is assumed that inflation began about 10−37 seconds after the Big Bang, then with the plausible assumption that the size of the universe before the inflation occurred was approximately equal to the speed of light times its age, that would suggest that at present the entire universe's size is at least 3×1023 times the radius of the observable universe.[25]


First Pair of Adjacent Galaxies: 4 seconds

Whole Universe: 39 - 22 = 17 seconds


Speed (m/s) Time (s)
Distance (m) 4 17
2.37E+22 5.91E+21
4.40E+26 2.59E+25
1.32E+50 7.76E+48

At least eighty-six quadrillion three hundred trillion times SoL.

At most twenty-five duodecillion nine hundred undecillion times SoL.


Nanomech Destroys Guns (Not Evaluated)

Frogs of War With his energy attacks, he destroys incursion guns.

For street level, you need at least 1.44 cm^3 of steel.

To be Wall level, the gun needs to have at least 72.11 cm^3 of steel fragmented.

Street Level

Omnitrix Reacts to Big Bang Speed (Accepted)

A New Dawn


Radius (Meters)
Observable Universe

46.5 Billion Light Years = 4.39924E+26 meters

Estimated Universe (See below) 1.32E+50

According to the theory of cosmic inflation initially introduced by its founder, Alan Guth(and by D. Kazanas[24]), if it is assumed that inflation began about 10−37 seconds after the Big Bang, then with the plausible assumption that the size of the universe before the inflation occurred was approximately equal to the speed of light times its age, that would suggest that at present the entire universe's size is at least 3×1023 times the radius of the observable universe.[25]


Timestamp: 18:55

I will be timing universe creation from the second detonation.

Start Time: 1:37

End Time: 1:45 to 1:52

Low End = 8 seconds

High End = 15 seconds


Speed (m/s) Time (s)
Distance (m) 8 15
4.39924E+26 5.49905E+25 2.93283E+25
1.32E+50 1.65E+49 8.80E+48
1.60322E+23 8.55051E+22
4.81E+46 2.57E+46
1.83429E+17 9.78286E+16
5.50E+40 2.93E+40

At least ninety-seven quadrillion eight hundred twenty-eight trillion six hundred billion times SoL. At most fifty-five duodecillion times SoL.


Weatherhead's Storm (Not Evaluated)

feat here.


The best way I could scale the Earth, funnily enough, the US is far smaller than normal.

700 px is Earth diameter, which is 12742 km. The storm diameter is 118 pixels.

118/700 = x/12742 x=2147.93714285 km

That is our diameter. The storm spins for 14 frames, so we need speed.

[2] [3]

Storm rotates 7 pixels. Storm diameter is 391 pixels, diameter value received above.

7/391=x/2147.937 x=38.4541176469

Video seems to work at 30 FPS.

14/30 = 0.466 seconds 38.454/0.4666 x=82.413201886 km/s

Now for the storm mass

V = pi * 2147937.14285^2 * 13000 V = 1.8842406157e17 m^3 M = 1.8898933375e17 kg

KE = 1/2*1.8898933375e17*38454.117^2 KE = 1.393131354e26 J or 33.3 petatons, Multi-continent level

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