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So our value for vaporization of a human is 2.99 gigajoules based off of this


One thing, it states this

And thanks to our spies spread across scientific organizations, we now have the energy required to turn a human into an atomic soup, to break all the atomic bonds in a body. According to the captured study, it takes around three gigajoules of death-ray to entirely vaporize a person

That is a problem, that is atomization. So I will do a rough calc on the vaporization of a human being.

Here are some conditions

  • I admit I am still new to being a calc group member and still need to learn some more advanced methods such as converting molar heat capacity to joules per kilogram, so I took the short road at points
  • Latent Heat can be hard to find, plus most of the numbers come in molar heat. However, the addition latent heat adds usually is not big enough the change the overall result greatly.
  • Lastly, this calculation will be rough, and I will ballpark the overall value based on my results

The Calc


I have a better solution to calculating the vaporization of a human


Okay, First off. To vaporize a human thoroughly at once, let’s assume the temperature change is 1800°F or 982.2°C http://www.kgbanswers.com/what-temperature-does-skin-and-bone-melt/3952683

Average body temperature is 97.7°C or 37.5°C


So the temperature change is by 1343.5°C



The average human is 62 kilograms


I will start with water


60% of human mass is water, or 37.2 kilograms.


The heat capacity of water is 4.178 kilojoules per kilogram

Heat energy is 208,808,919.6 joules



Average amount for body fat is 2.348 kilojoules per kilogram

Fat seems to be 17% of body mass, or 10.54 kilograms going by the numbers shown

Plugging it into the heat energy calculator, I get 33,248,830.52 joules


Protein makes up 16% of body mass, which means it makes up 9.92 kilograms of the body


Muscle has a heat capacity of 3.421 kilojoules per kilogram

That gives me 45,593,445.92 joules plugging it into the calculator


For minerals, it makes up 6% of body mass, or 3.72 kilograms.

I guess I will bone for this, as IDK what else to use (Too lazy to convert molar heat, it is an absolute pain to do so). I will use cortical bone, which is 1.313 kilojoules per kilogram.

I get 6,562,137.66 joules


Carbohydrates make up merely 1% of human weight, or 0.62 kilograms


Heat energy of sugar (carbohydrate) is 1.255 kilojoules per kilogram.

I get 1,045,377.35 joules


Adding them together, I get 295,258,711.05 joules

As I noted, I took values that were simplest and closest analogs, plus I did not include the latent heat. But overall, the vaporization of the human body should peak at ~300 megajoules