In War of the Worlds (1953) a single ray from a Martian destroyed a tank, this is very powerful. here is why

It destroys the glue holding matter, aka gluons. I will just assume it turns all matter into quark-gluon plasma.

Here is the calc

Method 1

Assuming it is the M4 Sherman , it would weigh 66,800 pounds.

The atomic mass of iron is 55.845. That equals 9.273286747e-23 grams

66,800 pounds/9.273286747e-23 grams = 3.26744671e29 atoms

there are 56 neutrons/protons over all per each atom

So 1.8297702e+31 particles overall

They completely destroy the protons and neutrons

According to wikipedia

the energy needed to do that is 175 MeV per particle

175 MeV * 1.8297702e+31 = 5.13032631e20 joules (Island level+)

That would be enough to destroy entire islands!

Method 2 (Made by TLT1)

ok, so apparentyl since u r using iron, the binding energy per nucleon is ~8.8 MeV

which is about ~492.8 MeV per atom---> wiki gives a value of 492.275 MeV

total energy = energy per atom splitting*number of atoms = (~492.275 MeV)(~1.8297702*10^31 atoms) =9.0075*10^39 MeV = 1.443*10^21 J (APPROXIMAATE VALUE)

so, that is approx. 344.92 gigatons of TNT equivalence 

Either way, the Martians would be upgraded to high 6-C. And their beams are focused. They are not made to do mass destruction, we do not even know why they wanted to get rid of humaniy, or maybe it drained less energy to focus it. Also, the 100 megaton nuke used on them did not even scratch them, so this is consistent

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